Wither's Items

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Ever wanted to have a pickaxe that could set things on fire? Or a sword that could extinguish any flame? Or even an item that allowed permanent water breathing?


Then this mod may be for you!

With four individual types of essences and each used to craft tools and cores, you can do so much!



Water Essence - Found underground, right click to place water

Fire Essence - Found underground, right click to ignite block

Air Essence - Found high in the sky, right click for temporary slow falling

Void Essence - Found deep in the end



Water Dimension: A dimension where you can find Thaumite Ore, which can be smelted and used as fuel in the Thaumite Furnace. Portal Blocks: Water Essence Blocks

Igniter: Water Infused Rock


What is the Thaumite Furnace?

Well, place a Forge on top, and give it some Thaumite Chunks to activate the forge. Then, put in a diamond sword/pickaxe/axe or any armor piece in the first slot, and a raw essence core in the second, and forge it into an Item Of Essence! 



This is my first mod, any feedback would be appreciated!

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