Enchantment Overhaul

Published by Liam Jones on Thu, 09/08/2022 - 15:49
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Enchantment Overhaul is a mod that changes Minecraft's default enchanting system, favouring skill and knowledge over RNG.




-A new type of enchanting table, replacing the vanilla table.

-A new enchanting system based on 5 "elements" 4 new craftable totems with different effects.

-An item for storing up to 20 levels of EXP.

-Bookshelves of different wood types.

-Two new types of glass.




Video coming soon.


Place different colours of candle in the top 3 slots of the Enchanting Table's GUI, different Totems in the bottom left, and different catalyst gems (lapis, amethyst, etc.) in the bottom right.

This changes the elemental "bias" and yields different enchantments.




You can absolutely use this mod in your pack!




This mod is currently in the beta. The full release will likely be in 1.19. Feedback is appreciated!


Planned Features:


-Support for non-vanilla enchantments.

-Support for non-vanilla catalyst items.

-A few custom enchantments.

Modification files
enchantment_overhaul_1.18.2_beta.jar - Enchantment Overhaul Beta 1.18.2Uploaded on: 09/08/2022 - 15:50   File size: 364.2 KB

Added several totems for each element. (Light, Fire, Air, Water, Earth)

Changed the recipe for enchanting table.

Changed the Enchantment System.

Added decorative items such as bookshelves of different wood types and new glass.

Added an Exp storing item.