WizarderyCraft Mod

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Become a Wizard!

With new structures, abilities and powers you should be able to become the most powerfull wizard in the WORLD!


This mods add:

  1. Some new structures (only 1 FOR NOW)
  2. 4 Staffs with unique abilities
  3. A new dimension (to come)



In the new structure there is an item which when you right click it places down a chest with a random loot table!

In that chest you can find some of the new items!

Modification files
wizardrycraft-v1.jar - V.1Uploaded on: 02/19/2021 - 13:31   File size: 157.65 KB

V 1.0 - Added:

  • 1 Structure
  • 4 Staffs
  • Recipes for 4 Staffs
  • Dimension (in dev)