Magical Infinity Mod (Discontinued)

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Had you ever tried to play Minecraft with magic stuff inside? Now's your chance with Magical Infinity! This mod adds tons of new ores that you can mine, create armor and most inportantly, create rituals! This mod is still in developpement, so if this mod have any bugs, please report them as comment. I'll try to fix it.

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Modification files
Magical Infinity Alpha - The Alpha 6 of the mod591.27 KB
Magical Infinity Alpha 7.jar - The Alpha 7 of the mod612.89 KB
Magical Infinity Alpha 8.jar - The Alpha 8 of the mod629.42 KB
Magical Infinity Alpha 9.jar - The Alpha 9 of the mod658.49 KB

Hi everyone, I want to announce that Magical Infinity 2 will be discontinued because of numerous bugs and crashes. I'm sorry for the announcement, but a new version of Magical Infinity is being created called Magical Infinity Reboot. Yes, there will always be Opristonium in it. Thank you for reading this message and it's not the end of Magical Infinity. His story will persist.

Peace and out!