Myth And Magic

Published by PeanutsMom on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 18:31
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Myth And Magic

Travel to Faraway Lands, Use Magic, And brew Mysterious Concoctions, This Mod by Peanuts Mom adds:  


-Thor                        -Asgardian Warrior    -Merlin's Pickaxe

-Loki                         -Mjolnir                      -Excalibur

-Fairy                       -Magic Ore                -Magic Wand

-Spirit                       -Magic Matter           -Magic Essence

-Apollo's Bow          -Apollo's Arrow        -7 Different Spells

-Forseti's Axe          -Inferno Stick           -Ink

-Cinnamon              -Cinnamon Fern       -Rat

-Rat Meat                -Raw Rat meat        -Rat Stew

-Magic Orb              -Basil                       -Basil Plant

-Magic Mushroom   -Magic Mushroom Stew

-Potion of Hunger    -Potion of Glowing  -Unlucky Potion

-Hot Chocolate        -Camelot                 -Asgard

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