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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Main Idea -> Survival based pvp and pve sandbox rpg experience focused on combat and loot.

Goals -> 600 Spells/Skills, custom bosses / 300 items not including materials / Dungeons / Radomly Generated Quests.



Mob model and animations:


So Far




- Elemental Weaver Lightning 100% complete

- Elemental Weaver Ice 100% complete

- Elemental Weaver Fire 100% complete

- Swordsman 100% complete

-Juggernaut 100% complete

-Blood Knight 100% complete

- Weather Weaver 5% complete

-Fighter 100% Complete

- 7 Staves with spells

- about 44 animated spells

- 1 animated model currently not implemented cause geckolib isnt supported

- 9 non-animated models

- No structures

- No quest

- UI textures



Coming Soon

I am thinking of adding all basic classes and some minor dungeons for you to play with and fixing the UI.

So far only 1 basic class is in the mod; the Fighter.

Might add some low tier items like new armors, weapons, shields and potion items or crafting components.


I made a facebook page so here you go:


Reworked Everything


Skills and Spells -> Active items

Learned how to model

Learned how to use Geckolib

Change the direction of the mod to a survival mod with dungeons and quest - you'll wait a lot of time before we get there.

150 Spells became less than 44 but more polished and i'll be sure to add more again

Less lag overall and faster updates

Currently i am working alone. I hope you enjoy the play testing and add suggestions in the comments.


Modification files
Alpha A.0.22.jar - The older idea4.81 MB
Sorcery_1.jar - New File5.2 MB

Alpha A0.01

-Revamped casting

-Arcanist/Pyromancer/Electromancer/Cryomancer class spells

-Pyromancer/Electromancer/Cryomancer Talents/Passives

-Elemental Auras and Elemental Wall impelmented

- Seal System Added


Alpha A0.02

- 4 Transmutation spells added


Alpha A0.03

- Bugfix: State transmutation and Light/Heavy Transmutation now works


Alpha A0.04

- Hemomancy Spells

- Changed the seals into scrolls

- Marble Block

- Blood Altar (right click with a bottle of blood)

- Vampirism added but it's called Porpheria and makes you a hemomancer by force.


Alpha A0.05

-BUG FIX: Hemomancy

- Enchantement Spells like charm/fear/captivate etc


Alpha A0.06

-Removed passives because of lag will be readded in enchantment form

- Shadow magic in the form of ebonmancer added


Alpha A0.07

- Shadow Monarch class

- Shadow Ghoul ( no animation)


Alpha A0.08

- 3 potions for mana added

- Concentration checker device added

- New type of material added

- Leather Robes for mages

- Removed clutter


Alpha A0.09

- Water Spells

- Fixed enchanter bugs.


Alpha A0.1

- New class added Slayer

- Slayer skills have been added

- Dagger Added

- Strong Mind Passive removed.

- Mage armor updated texture.


Alpha A0.2

- Added Blood Dance Skill.


Alpha A0.3

- Casting Animations for ALL spells

- 3 dagger tiers with varients

- Removed test spells and fixed minor lag issues

- World of darkness Collisions fixed i might improve the visuals of that spell in the future if there's interest


Alpha A0.4

- Removed all previous mechanics, Spells and items

- New spellcasting system, items right-click

-Added Exhaustion resource

- Elemental Weaver Lightning 100% complete

- Elemental Weaver ice 90% complete

-Juggernaut 100% complete

-Blood Knight 100% complete

- Weather Weaver 5% complete

- 7 Staves with spells

- Updated animated textures for all spellcasters

- Bleed potion rework

- Dazed and Immobilized added

- Custom UI 40% Completed


Alpha A0.5

- New skills for Swordsman class

- New Fire Weaver Spells

- Grounded Effect added

- Swordsman 100% completed

- Ice Weaver 100% completed

- Fire Weaver 100% completed

- BUG FIX: Icy Skin now doesn't increase your base armor


Alpha A0.6

- New Skills for Fighter Class

- Conjured Food Items


What format of updation do you prefer?
a) Adding 1 new Spell Class list
b) Adding several new Spell class lists before uploading

What Sub-classes would you like to see in the next update? (pick 2)
a)Enchanter ( some kind of illusionist that can charm and fear creatures)
b)Soulmancer ( Ghost related spells like become astral projection and summon ghost)
c)Hemomancer ( A caster that uses blood spells but ill add a curse along basically making you a vampire)
d)Greater Transmutor (A stronger class based on transmutation)
e)Stormage ( Weather related class upgrade of electromancer and cryomancer)
f)Firesage ( A stronger version of a pyromancer)
g)Void Sage (Illusion/darkness class)

If you want something else write a detailed reply to this

as nobody has replied, i will be the first to do so as this mod seems good so far!
answering first question, i don't really care about the format of updation (as i can't play the mod anyways) so do what you want i guess? unless someone else replies

and the other question, hemomancer subclass sounds really cool and i'm interesting on how void sage subclass would work so i'd like those to be added next

just about to check out the mod! Looks awesome already!