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The most unvanilla vanilla experience of magic, bosses and unrestrained violence. Take your Minecraft experience to the next level!


To view recipes, JEI (Just Enough Items) is recommended, even though the mod has built-in vanilla recipe support.


Intended for Singleplayer and especially Multiplayer. Conflict with other mods may happen.



Start by finding and mining Veil Ore with an Iron Pickaxe (at least). Not only do you need this for nearly everything in Tribulation, but it will also trigger certain mobs to start spawning in your world: Jarbringr and Vaendur. 


Collect Mage and Warrior spirits, as they too are crucial. Once you have enough, a choice presents itself: Will you become a Hunter or Mage?


  • To become a Mage, use an Orb of Veil and quickly consume Mage Spirits by right-clicking them until you become a Mage.


  • To become a Hunter, craft and right-click an Orb of the Hunt and choose your starting maximum stats.


From there, you can start tiering up to get stronger and craft a Veil toolset if you haven’t already. Craft the Blade Essence or Arcane Drop and fight the bosses. After defeating them several times, you can then craft full Veil Armor.


Continue to the Nether, which will reveal you to two new things: Naturally spawning spirits and corrupt spirits, in addition to the Priests of Huoyo: The Huodren. Fight these fire-breathing priests to obtain their essence, and use it to craft new tools. When you feel ready (after enchanting, attuning and preparing), you can build the portal to Huoyo from Blackstone and use the Banished Soul portal igniter on it. After defeating the Rebirthing Flame enough, you can craft Sacred Armor. 


With more preparation, you can continue to strengthen yourself until you feel ready. Then, use the craftable Night Key to traverse to Astralis, in which the Freigh are sprawled across the land. Kill them until The Night Guardian spawns. After defeating him multiple times, you can craft the strongest armor available (for now): Astraean Armor. You can also craft Eclipse (the sword) and the Astraean Staff (if you’re a mage). Prepare yourself, because the last fight is not an easy one.


When ready, begin to brew Tempora - which is made by putting a clock with Veilbrew potions. Then proceed to a Tempus biome in the Overworld and kill Past Remnants to obtain Tempus Navigator Shells. Once enough are obtained (16), you must level a Cleric Villager to Master, and he will offer a trade of 16 shells and 64 clocks for the Tempus Navigator. Punch a female Past Remnant with the Navigator, and it will summon the Temporal Knight.


Good luck.




Mages are diverse, melee-ranged fighters with up to 4 spells available in their arsenal, in addition to a staff they carry which adds even more attacks. They can heal, grant buffs, fire explosions, summon and conjure. Mages can teleport using the Utility key, and can join Cults to gain extra unique abilities. They can also use Totems, which grant passive buffs at the cost of a passive mana drain. Mages progress by hitting ranged attacks with their staff and casting spells - this increases their max mana, which in turn, nears them to tiering up by the required XP.


Hunters are mostly melee-oriented fighters with up to 4 forms available for them to use. They are mostly focused on attacking, movement and countering, and their build can vary greatly in its own way. Hunters can use Blades, which grant passive buffs to attacks. They can also join a School, granting them an extra unique ability. Hunters require Attuners to tier up, and must be maxed out in every stat of theirs before advancing. This means starting with low stats makes your tier go up faster, since you have a smaller amount to level each stat.



To use forms/spells, simply press one of the four keybind (Z, X, C, V, by default). Equipping Forms/Spells is through their unique menu, accessed by long pressing the Utility key.



Attuning is a feature in Tribulation exclusive to specific tools. To attune, you first need to craft a Rune Forge and a slate. Now apply the slate to an attunable weapon, and your weapon will have attunement slots, varying on the slate you used. Now get a gem of your choice by first crafting a Blank Gem, then using a Smithing Table with various boss items to get the gem you want.

If you want to tier up your gems, you can do so using the Artificing Station and boss items that you already are familiar with. Gems can reach up to Tier 5, giving you +5 points in that stat. Since you can have up to 4 slots with the best slate, that means you can have up to +20 points in a single stat. The stats, however, are yours to vary as you please.



The Utility key is one of the five keybinds in Tribulation. By default, it is R. The Utility key is used to access the stat menu for Hunters/Mages (long press Utility while sneaking), used to open the Spell/Form equipping menu (long press Utility, no sneaking), activating Cult/School abilities (short press Utility while sneaking) or activating movement (short press Utility) - for Hunters, that means switching between walking speed and Hunter speed; for Mages, it means teleporting.



Bugs, issues, suggestions, feedback, collaboration and all similar things are to be discussed in the official discord, or if necessary, the comments.



Tribulation may be used in your modpack, so long as proper credit is given.  



Some potion effect textures contributed by CerebralSwirl.

Modification files
tribulation_1.4.0-1.19.2.jar - balancing updateUploaded on: 06/10/2023 - 22:16   File size: 11.29 MB
tribulation_1.3.0-1.19.2.jar - Bugfix and Beauty UpdateUploaded on: 06/05/2023 - 17:03   File size: 11.26 MB
tribulation_1.2.2-1.19.2.jar - itemstack patchUploaded on: 05/31/2023 - 12:41   File size: 11.2 MB
tribulation_1.2.1-1.19.2.jar - quick patchUploaded on: 05/30/2023 - 19:26   File size: 11.2 MB

Important changes are marked in bold.

Version 1.4.0:

  • Concealment is now removed when attacked
  • Changed some textures
  • Increased Magic Plains generation chance
  • Tempus Pillars are now made of Veil Ore
  • Fixed Astraplasm being localized as “Huoplasm”
  • Accessing Tartarus can now be done by holding Rebirthing Flame in offhand while triggering the portal
  • Buffed Huodren
  • Added Huodrall
  • Nerfed Totem of Justice to Resistance 2 instead of 3
  • Made the Rebirthing Flame stackable
  • Added Huoyan Staff cooldown
  • Increased Hellfire Orb damage
  • Nerfed Astraean Staff
  • Added Refuge enchant (Astraean Armor exclusive)
  • Buffed Thunderbolt Spell
  • Since Concealment is currently failing to function as intended, there’s a new feature now: The first hit while affected with Concealment deals double damage - this makes it an exchange great for PvP sneak attacks, as well as genuinely buffing concealment builds with no armor
  • Frost Breath and Heatwave now have proper damaging properties
  • Frost Breath slow effect altered
  • Added cooldown to mage teleportation (1 second)
  • Projectile Magic Damage reduced
  • Fixed respawn not setting stats 
  • School/Cult cooldowns are now different from form cooldowns
  • Fixed some cooldown times
  • Revamped the owner detection system for some forms from taming → UUID based ownership, fixing some critical issues
  • Fixed Blades not working
  • Fixed Thunderbolt casting spell particle position
  • Balanced bosses and mobs

Version 1.3.0:

Bugfix and appearance update, sorry for the lack of content - I promise it’s coming soon!

  • Fixed itemstacking glitch (again?)
  • Added Sacred Sword and Sacred Axe model
  • Fixed mana regeneration (both on start and for tier-ups)
  • Gave The Night Guardian a new model
  • Thethuthenang is now immune to fall damage
  • Dimidium now applies bleed scaling with manadam for mages, 10 stacks by default if not mage or hunter
  • Night Shard now only drops from Monster type entities
  • Sacred Sword now lights hit entities on fire
  • Changed Sacred Armor model
  • Fixed Record books not causing player to join schools on right click
  • Increased Huodren minimum mage tier
  • Cooldown time now shown when trying to use forms on cooldown
  • Improved Veil Armor model
  • Ectoplasm now grants 1 hunger and 2 saturation, but is consumed almost instantly
  • Illuminate Spell fixed
  • Added Astraean Armor
  • Added Veilplasm, Huoplasm, Astraplasm


Version 1.2.2:

  • Fixed itemstacking glitch
  • Fixed Sacred set being unattunable
  • Altered Jarbringr spawn rate
  • Changed creative tab item order


Version 1.2.1:

  • Fixed staff mana grant to increase by damage dealt, not just cast
  • Fixed Sacred Sword durability
  • Added “School/Cult” indication in stats GUI
  • Adjusted recipe advancement granting
  • Adjusted Tempus generation
  • Adjusted Vaendur/Jarbringr spawning
  • Added Temporium to Astralis


Version 1.2.0:

  • Added Concealment (effect) and mob awareness stat (extra awareness granted to those tagged in forge:bosses and those with forge:tribulation_hunter/forge:tribulation_mage)
  • Fixed a bug in which while slotting an item in the rune forge, you could overwrite the result slot by attuning again with the item still there
  • Fixed a bug with attribute overlapping from gems, registering only one stat boost
  • Added Glass Knife
  • Reworked most textures, added new models
  • Fixed broken attribute assignment
  • Added Schools
  • Made boss music stop after respawning
  • Added new structure (Hunter Cabin) with loot
  • Added a few secrets ;)
  • Added Eclipse (sword)
  • Agony Blade now deals stasis on chance per hit
  • Added Forge NBT tag support (tribulation_mage,tribulation_hunter,tribulation_rage,tribulation_vigor,tribulation_balance,tribulation_awareness,tribulation_manadam,tribulation_managen,tribulation_managard)
  • Changed Ice Wall Spell
  • Removed Ice Protection Spell
  • Added Ectoplasm (food, drops from Thethuthenang)
  • Added Sacred Toolset and recipes
  • Added Sacrificial Knife
  • Fixes and subtle additions, QoL changes


Version 1.1.1:

  • Fixed Orb of the Hunt recipe
  • Adjusted Jarbringr spawning to be more common
  • Adjusted Corrupt Spirit spawning
  • Other patched bugs and improvements  


Version 1.1.0:

  • Added Rune Forge
  • Added Slates (Lesser, Apt, Greater, Pure)
  • Added Gems (Malign, Dancing, Zealous, Fluxing, Thrawn, Sentinel)
  • Added Attunement system (using Rune Forge)
  • Added Stats (Manadam, Managen) and altered some stat systems
  • Added Artificing Station
  • Added multiple advancements
  • Made some texture adjustments


Version 1.0.2:

  • Patched additional recipes
  • Cheapened Veil toolset


Version 1.0.1:

  • Added Nightshade spell recipe
  • Added Nightshade and Ancient Uprise to advancement recipe granting
  • Fleshling now only chases nearby and on sight
  • Huoyan Essence can now be used as fuel with a 5000 tick duration
  • Rebirthing Flame item can now be used as fuel with a 1 million tick duration (around 1 month)
  • Jarbringr natural armor reduced
  • Improved Wood Armor recipe


Version 1.0.0:

Finally, a full release! This took me a while to make, apologies for the delay :)

  • Adjusted Hunter attribute grant
  • Changed Hunter vigor stat
  • Fixed Astral Growth to be replaceable
  • Added Fleshflight
  • Added Astraean Compass
  • Added new attack(s) to Vaendur and added swinging animation (neat!), nerfed armor
  • Made the Grand Mage stronger because why not
  • Improved Jarbringr
  • Added boss health scaling
  • Added cooldown to Forms based on their stamina consumption
  • Nerfed Matrix Dance (duration now halves for every attack parried)
  • Added Hunter starting stat selection screen
  • Adjusted effects of some forms for more visual feedback
  • Cheapened Astraea recipe
  • Cheapened Astraean Staff recipe
  • Changed magic projectile functionality to not act as an arrow
  • Fixed bug in which magic projectiles wouldn’t despawn properly
  • Veil set is now properly called “Veil X” and not “Veil Armor X” in registry
  • Adjusted Combustion Wave
  • Added Wood Armor
  • Added cults and a (stupid) way of joining them
  • Changed (some) recipes to have better registries
  • Fixed advancement recipe granting
  • Cheapened Faithful Leap recipe
  • Made Grand Mage death abide by “mob griefing”
  • Added warning to all boss teleports and delay
  • Magic projectiles now disappear upon contact with blocks with extra flair
  • Changed custom mob spawning to work in progressive layers instead of all at once to balance out the experience
  • Nerfed Veil Armor and Sacred Armor
  • Nerfed Veil tools
  • Added Hunter tier progression items and system
  • Changed Hunter stat progression
  • Changed various textures
  • Added Thethuthenang
  • (Added another boss)
  • Fixed bug with Chronovire flight granting in Creative
  • (boss participation needs fixing)
  • Improved magic projectile performance (all of them)
  • Changed Huodren attack slightly
  • Added Form (Ancient Uprise)
  • Added Spell (Nightshade)
  • Various other adjustments, fixes and more


Version 0.11.1:

  • Fixed commands (hopefully)
  • Missing Combustion Wave recipe was added
  • Fixed Key of Night recipe
  • Fixed Huoylla not granting the advancement after being killed
  • Cheapened Monster Veil recipe
  • Added Veil Ingot blast furnace recipe
  • Fixed Past Remnants not dropping Navigator Shells, or dropping very rarely
  • Added Wood Staff salvage recipe to Veil Shard


Version 0.11.0:

  • Fixed more critical bugs (Veil Set breaking instantly, crashes with some boss attacks, etc)
  • Stats can now be accessed by long pressing the Utility key while sneaking
  • Forms and Spells are now equipped through a GUI (long press the Utility key to open)
  • Mage Spirits now increase a Mage's max mana by 10 whenever consumed
  • Adjusted damage of some projectiles
  • Vaenduri can now teleport
  • Jarbringra can now use Faithful Leap
  • Arcane Drop is now stackable
  • Cheapened Blade Essence recipe
  • Altered Mage tiering and max mana calculations
  • Fixed Astralis causing it to be night ALWAYS for every dimension
  • The Night Guardian is slightly easier
  • Thunderbolt Spell is now improved (more damage)
  • Added Huodren
  • Added Huoylla, the Rebirthing Flame (boss)
  • Fixed a crash with magic projectiles
  • Fixed a bug in which the Spiritbane enchantment couldn't be applied to almost everything it should've been able to apply to
  • Added Arcana enchantment (increases staff damage)
  • Added Sacred Armor (with ugly models, yay)
  • Added Judgment enchant (for Sacred Armor)
  • Bladedancer is now slightly easier
  • Hunter leveling is now slightly slightly slower (stagnant increase to difficulty)
  • Added Veil blessed entities (enhanced vanilla monsters that drop veil shards)
  • Adjusted boss music stuff to be better (I hope)
  • Fixed a bug with Temporal Knight respawning after they are killed due to rewind
  • Some bosses now grant rewards to ALL players that attacked it and are in a 250 block radius (Temporal Knight, Rebirthing Flame, The Night Guardian)
  • Other changes and fixes


Version 0.10.1:

  • Fixed critical bugs (can't enchant Veil set, radius abilities killing entities they shouldn't, stat leveling adjustments, mob spawning)


Version 0.10.0:

Ha, were you expecting a full release??

  • Added Astralis
  • Added Astral Gem (The Night Guardian drop)
  • Hunters can now level Balance by fall damage, building and breaking blocks
  • Hunters have double chance to level Rage on critical hit
  • Hunters can now level Vigor by healing
  • Added Night Shard (rare drop at night from mobs)
  • Spirits now have cute little models
  • The Night Guardian received a neat model (i hope)
  • Added Chronovire (Temporal Knight drop, grants flight)
  • Added Astraean Staff and Dark Flux
  • Reworked magic projectile system
  • Added Endurance effect (counters Bleed)
  • Added Totem of Endurance (crafted with Monster Essence)
  • Improved Scarlet Dawn Sky 
  • Reduced Fleshling melee damage to 1
  • Added Astraea, Astral Soil, Temporium (doesn't generate naturally for now)
  • Added Astral Growth, Idrea Volus (foliage for Astralis)
  • Changed Key of Night (including recipe), it now transports the user to Astralis
  • Carnage now drops Monster Essence (no longer craftable)
  • Dimidium can now be crafted with Monster Essence
  • Tempus might look a lil weird now
  • Added Freigh (mob)
  • Stirred up some fancy lore


Version 0.9.1:

  • Mana now displays in the stat GUI
  • Fixed Combustion Wave
  • Added tooltips for every form and spell
  • Added descriptions for all crucial items
  • Improved Ghostwalk to remove a potential exploit
  • Tempus Navigator is now traded by the Cleric, not Wandering Trader
  • Past Remnants are now passive until attacked
  • Removed weird Form particle
  • Totems and Staffs no longer work when Antimagic is active
  • Some minor fixes and adjustments to visuals
  • Dimidium is no longer craftable
  • Changed some recipes
  • Adjusted some Forms and Spells


Version 0.9.0:

Fixes, changes and additions! Joy.

  • Fixed broken spawning of some entities
  • Fixed a lot of things to beg for server-side instead of client side, which patches so many glitches and errors
  • Fixed biomes
  • Veil Ore now requires Iron Pickaxe
  • Changed some more textures
  • (Forgotten Mention) Added Spiritbane enchantment (rare)
  • Veilbrew now grants Spirit Sense instead of Magic Imbalance
  • Altered Attack Spirit AI slightly and fixed a bug in which it could be tamed over and over
  • Added Mage overlay for mana and exhaustion
  • More fixes and adjustment, now using google docs to not lose changelogs (hopefully)


Version 0.8.0:

Didn't lose the changelog this time, I just got lazy with how many things I was constantly changing on a whim. Balancing is HARD! Who knew? Notice I marked everything in bold. Ignore that. Ignore it.

  • Walk keybind has been renamed to "Utility"
  • Mages can now teleport using the Utility keybind, should add a lot more movement versatility
  • Added 3 new biomes (officially - Magic Plains, Fleshy Forest, Tempus)
  • Added Past Remnant mobs,  Fleshling
  • Changed several textures
  • Added Veil Armor model and Dimidium model
  • Added Temporal Knight, Carnage bosses (officially) and boss music (drastic file size increase, I'm sorry)
  • Balanced some Hunter mechanics
  • Archmage Staff now homes onto enemies
  • Added several new effects
  • New items (Tempus Navigator, Tempus Navigator Shell)
  • Nerfed Katana and Eternal Blade ranged ability
  • Nerfed Hunter Power Blade
  • Optimized Hunter stat updating to be far better (I hope)
  • A bunch more changes, fixes and additions


Version 0.7.0:

I lost all the changelog again, which is extremely disappointing and I apologize again - however I can still summarize the key points of this update. I wanted to improve early game progression, because playing through survival for me was a painfully vanilla experience. I wanted players to be able to become mages and hunters more easily, so I changed things accordingly.

  • Added some crafting recipes (Wood Staff, Spirit Summon) that were missing
  • Adjusted some recipes to be easier
  • Added Spirit Residue and Spirit Residue Block
  • Fleet Blade was removed - Balance now reduces fall damages
  • Optimized some systems and made some QoL changes
  • Buffed the bosses even further (Bladedancer now has 2 phases, Grand Mage is a bit too overpowered)
  • Added Spirit Tome
  • Changed all Spell/Form recipes to use Spirit Tome instead of normal book
  • Added a gamerule (maximumBalanceMovement or something) but I don't think it works
  • Adjusted Vigor leveling to be by division instead of percentage
  • Fixed a bug where Vigor leveling would not grant you more Stamina
  • A bunch of other additions, removals and changes that I probably completely forgot about


Version 0.6.1:

  • Upgraded to latest MCreator version, fixing some bugs and upgrading to a better forge version (43.2.0)
  • Reworked Hunter stats (stat buffs are different)
  • Increased performance of passive Hunter Stat adjustment
  • Fixed a typo in the doMagicExhaustion gamerule
  • Stamina and Mana overlay numbers should now be far more accurate
  • Completely revamped form and spell casting methods, hopefully easing a lot more on performance and accuracy
  • Mage Exhaustion is now reduced by division instead of multiplier of seconds
  • Increased cost of Matrix Dance to 100
  • Form cost is now lessened by Hunter Tier
  • Some more fixes and adjustments (I forgot most of them)
  • Temporarily removed tooltips


Version 0.6.0:

Did someone say fixes?

  • Fixed Bleed death localization
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinite tier ups when setting mage tier for player with 0 max mana
  • Increased chances of becoming a Mage, consuming less Mage Spirits
  • Reduced Max Stamina gain per form-cast slightly
  • Reduced Jarbringr and Vaendur melee attack damage
  • Increased Jarbringr armor points
  • Eternal Blade and Katana AOE attacks now scale with Balance
  • Changed Veil Ore generation method and increased the height in which it can generate, meaning it will be easier to find
  • Added Magic Plains (super rare biome, doesn't have anything as of now)
  • Optimized Spell Casting system performance
  • Removed Dretiadwuno
  • Added new Spells (Gale) 
  • Altered Breeze functionality (Now moves you backwards when sneaking)
  • Fixed Ghostwalk to scale with mage tier and apply anti-magic to prevent spellcasting abuse while in spectator mode
  • Removed Steel Cage Barrier and merged it into Matrix Dance
  • Added new Forms (Heavenbane)
  • Slightly improved Combustion Wave Spell, including scaling with Mage Tier
  • Changed Arrowhead Mage Tier scaling
  • Fixed the setmtier command to not change your mana if it is already above 0
  • Fixed Descending Star killing item entities
  • Forms that have theoretical hand swinging (Black Widow Net, Scarlet Dawn Sky, etc) now visibly swing your hand
  • Fixed Form/Spell activation action bar text to not have square brackets []
  • Buffed Heatwave Spell damage
  • Fixed Heatwave Spell to disappear in water
  • Frost Breath Spell now turns water to ice upon contact
  • Black Widow Net Form duration now scales with vigor
  • Scarlet Dawn Sky Form range now scales with balance
  • Fixed critical bug in which Bladedancer would not spawn correctly when summoned through Blade Essence
  • Jarbringr can now deflect projectiles
  • Adjusted volume of several sound effects
  • Scarlet Dawn Sky sound now has variation (for extra cool sounding stuff!)
  • Altered Faithful Leap (it now scales with balance) and added crouch functionality (backwards leap)


Version 0.5.1:

  • Added recipe for Key of Night
  • Magic Spirits, Vaendur and Jarbringr now only spawn after at least one player has achieved "A Whole New World" Advancement
  • Reduced the cost and loudness of Thunder Bird Repulse Form 
  • Leveling a stat now increases max stamina as well
  • Removed Weights
  • Changed Descending Star Recipe to use anvils as weights were removed


Version 0.5.0:

The goal of this update was mainly balancing - from the progression to the combat and more. Feedback is desperately needed, so please do give some through the comments or the discord server.

  • Increased Max Mana gain per spellcast
  • Increased Max Stamina gain per formcast 
  • Decreased Mana cost of Breeze
  • Decreased chances of Bladedancer and Grand Mage teleporting after being hurt
  • Fixed a bug where your max stamina would become infinite after using weights if your balance and rage are 0
  • Reduced recipe cost of Veil Dust from 9 Veil Shards to 4 Veil Shards
  • Reduced the cost of Restoration Spell from 600 to 300
  • Restoration healing now scales with Mage Tier
  • Increased Royal Maim Gate form cost
  • Decreased Thunder Bird Repulse form cost
  • Added tooltips and extra info for every form and spell
  • Steel Cage Barrier & Matrix Dance durations now scale with Hunter Tier
  • Staffs no longer have durability and now use Mana instead
  • Restoration Spell is now affected by Agony
  • Ice Protection now uses Frosted Ice, and works as intended
  • Weights now scale with Max Stamina
  • Mana and Stamina now start capped to the max when player respawns
  • Added Veil Armor (placeholder texture)
  • Archmage Staff now grants Spirit Sense
  • Katanas can now be repaired with iron ingots
  • Fixed a bug in which Breeze wouldn’t work as intended
  • Added new spells (Drain, Frost Breath, Heatwave)
  • Balanced out Hunter Max Stat increase when Tiering Up
  • Added new Forms (Descending Star)
  • Added new Blades (Blood Blade, Power Blade)
  • Fixed Matrix Dance Form not having any stamina cost
  • Summon items for both classes no longer require a certain class
  • Increased Hunter Stamina regen


Version 0.4.0:

I wrote a changelog, but a lot of it was deleted due to a blackout. As a result, I will be summarizing the key changes of this update, while the smaller things will just have to pass by without your knowledge. I'm sorry :(

  • Adjusted some textures (I am in need of a professional)
  • Buffed bosses
  • Mages staff damage now scales with your Mage Tier and ignores armor
  • Added some effects (Bleed, Maim Hand, Maim Foot)
  • Adjusted some forms and their costs
  • Added 2 new weapons (Iron Staff, Dimidium [placeholder texture])
  • Added new spells (Restoration, Lightning Bolt, Blizzard Sweep)
  • Removed Fire Blast
  • Added a few secret things not to be used yet 
  • Increased Weight item's max stamina increase 
  • Most spells now scale with Mage Tier
  • Fixed Ice Wall shift and non-shift actions being switched
  • Increased crafting cost of Archmage Staff to accommodate for buffed mage staff damage
  • Sorted Creative Tab (again)
  • Reduced the requirements for Mage tier ups


Version 0.3.0:

  • Added Bladedancer (experimental boss)
  • Changed Black Widow Net crafting recipe
  • Added Wrath Spirit item
  • Updated Katana functionality (swing ability) and increased durability from 300 to 1000
  • Fixed Grand Mage despawning
  • Fixed Grand Mage spellcasting around all living entities instead of just players as intended
  • Fixed sound source of Scarlet Dawn Sky Form and slash particle spread
  • Removed Jarbringr glow texture and gave it to Bladedancer
  • Changed Scarlet Dawn Sky and Black Widow Net to no longer kill dropped items
  • Reduced Matrix Dance Form cooldown to 3 seconds
  • Reduced Black Widow Net cooldown by 3 seconds
  • Added Eternal Blade (katana reskin, but better)
  • Added Blades (Feast Blade, Fleet Blade, Agony Blade)
  • Added several advancements
  • Made the Totem recipe much cheaper
  • Reduced Jarbringr spawn rate
  • Removed Hunter passives granted by stats - Blades replace them
  • Added Magic Residue particle for Magic Orb (forgot to mention last changelog)
  • Altered Form costs
  • Added Stamina Hunter system
  • Reworked Hunter Form usage from cooldown to "stamina" - Hunter combat should be much more fun now
  • Added Weights (Light Weight, Medium Weight, Heavy Weight)
  • Added two effects (Anti-magic, Overwork) that negate magic and forms (for admin use mainly)
  • Deleted some excess procedures not in use
  • Added Form (Royal Maim Gate)
  • Reset command now works as intended (no need to /kill after)
  • Changed Magic Orb Projectile sound to custom sound
  • Adjusted Wood Staff to have durability, with cost for each cast


Version 0.2.0:

  • Changed Hunter Max Stat increased with every Tier to increased by multiplier according to tier, instead of random addition
  • Merged Fire Blast into Fireball (sneak + cast)
  • Changed Fire Blast functionality
  • Changed Arrowhead functionality (new sneak cast, adjusted damage)
  • Adjusted Exhaustion duration to match what was intended
  • Added Totem crafting recipe (forgot to do that last update)
  • Added Grand Mage (experimental boss)
  • Changed Arcane Spirit to drop from Grand Mage, it's now uncraftable
  • Adjusted Arcane Drop item and recipe (now summons Grand Mage)
  • Added Magic Spirit (entity)
  • Reworked Mage Tier progression
  • SetStat command now has return message
  • Adjusted Arrowhead Spell damage
  • Added Archmage Staff (left click + right click functionalities)
  • Added Attack Spirit (entity)
  • Fixed Magic Orb projectile not despawning after hitting entities or blocks
  • Combustion Wave Spell now works as intended
  • Added Spirit Summon Spell


Version 0.1.0:

  • Reworked spell drains and form cooldowns to apply on item instead of the player, fixing a bug
  • Adjusted a few spell costs
  • Changed minimum max mana starting point to 10
  • Changed Arcane Spirit texture
  • Fixed Combustion Wave to work half as intended
  • Adjusted Fireball and Fire Blast spells to source from the player
  • Added Wood Staff
  • Changed Breeze self-cast to have no delay and switched self-cast and other-cast order (sneak for other-cast, no sneak for self-cast)
  • Added Totems (Totem, Totem of Sight, Totem of Magma, Totem of Marine, Totem of Life, Totem of Nine Lives, Totem of Breeze, Totem of Justice, Totem of Harvest)
  • Added new Spells (Feed, Ward, Netherwalk, Ghostwalk, Gillmane, Rejuvination)
  • Improved Spell shift functionality (some spells have a different feature when you shift while casting them, such as AOE, at higher mana cost)
  • Added new Forms (Matrix Dance, Scarlet Dawn Sky, Thunder Bird Repulse)
  • Increased Black Widow Net cooldown by 5 seconds
  • Adjusted all Spell and Form mana/cooldown checks, fixing some issues
  • Changed "Walk" keybind default from backslash to R
  • Changed Tribulation creative tab item order


Version 0.0.3:

  • Added Veil tools and blocks, and their recipes
  • Added Arcane Drop, Arcane Spirit and their recipes
  • Added Mage tier progression (using Arcane Drop)
  • Adjusted Hunter tier up feedback 
  • Tier now affects cooldown and exhaustion for Hunters and Mages respectively
  • Added Set Mage Tier command (/tribulation_setmtier)
  • Adjusted Arrowhead spell magic circle to move with player head Y vector
  • Adjusted Faithful Leap to not scale as much with player balance
  • Adjusted Yaw of Ice Protection when casting
  • Added self-cast functionality (shift) with Breeze Spell
  • Made Breeze Spell cancel fall damage on those affected
  • Increased smelting time for Veil Dust 


Version 0.0.2:

  • Balance stat leveling requirements fixed
  • Nine Lives effect activation condition adjusted
  • Black Widow Net damage received proper localization


Version 0.0.1:

  • Added 8 spells and their recipes
  • Added 3 forms and their recipes
  • Added magic system
  • Added stat system
  • Added 4 commands
  • Added Veil Ore, Ingot, Dust, Shard
  • Added progression
  • Added 2 entites: Jarbringr and Vaendur
  • Added Mage Spirit and Warrior Spirit

what boss?
also, yes i made the bosses very difficult. you might need golden apples, enchanted protection 4 unbreaking 3 netherite armor, sharpness 5 netherite sword and so on.
if it’s The Night Guardian, yeah he’s a bit too strong and i’m going to nerf him so don’t worry but otherwise all the bosses have been tested and are killable with the right preparation.
if you could elaborate in more detail i’d be happy to understand more of the issue and work to solve it.

this is far from a masterpiece, but thank you for your kind words.

the great thing about creating is the infinite potential to improve, but we can only hope to reach a pinnacle of satisfaction.
if i have reached that pinnacle for most, i am happy.

Wonderful, this mod has very beautiful textures, beautiful and aggressive monsters, keep it up!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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