Potions+ (Remastered)

Published by FourEyes on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 12:43
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V1.0.0 (as of May 31st 2020)

This mod is now available in 1.14


This mod contains:

18 new potions

4 new items

3 new advancements

1 new plant and 1 new block

Getting Started

To get started craft the Liquid Infuser (recipe pictured above) and the Infusion Guide (recipe also pictured above).

The infusion guide will help you in using the Infuser and with all the recipes.

Guide Preview

Upon crafting the Infuser, you will complete an advancement that will provide you with some recipes.

(P.S. Dolphin Fins are dropped 100% from Dolphins)

There are some hidden secrets within the mod. See if you can find them!

Happy Infusing!

Modification files

Potions+ v1.0.0:

  • Added 18 potions (2 of them are VERY special)
  • Added Liquid Infuser (to allow you to craft those potions)
  • Added a new plant, the Rainbow Rose
  • Added Rainbow Dust
  • Added Shulker Shell Shard
  • Added Dolphin Fin
  • Added Infusion Guide
  • Added 3 new advancements

Hello there! So I remade this mod as I lost the workspace and I really wanted to work on it but I also lost my old account so I decided to use this new one. I added some new things that weren't there in the old version and I decided to polish up the mod page. Thank you to everyone who downloaded the original Potions+!