Exploration Craft

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Thank you all so much for the downloads :D I have enjoyed making this mod for you guys! <3 Go check my 2nd mod PVP & Combat Expansion+ :)



This mod is about exploring your world and finding new ores weapons and blocks. This mod has a big future and features over 80+ new things added to minecraft!



The plants like the strawberries and tomatoes are everywhere and are really common. The armor has really small bars and they make it look weird but you probably wont notice it. Cherry Leaves have a x-ray glitch when you place them on or next to a block.The names of the stuff are messed up to if someone can help tell me what to do to fix this please. 


  • Working on Oreberry Bushes

Backup link


This is another Exploration craft so just in case something goes wrong ill use the back up :) you guys are more than welcome to download either of them <3

(If it doesn't work MCreater might of taken that one off their page)

Backstory about this mod and how it began to become a reality?

One day I started playing with minecraft mods so when i played a bunch of them I thought wouldn't it be cool to make a mod. So i found this website and got to making this mod, as  soon as I felt like there were enough stuff I would publish it so people can enjoy this mod and have the thrill of having new things added to their minecraft world. I have always been one of those people to be like lets make an app lets make a website or lets make a game(By the way i haven't done it yet). Well I have submitted this for MOTW and thanks for the downloads too :D.

Modification files
Exploration Craft2.jar - This mod adds 80+ new things into minecraft including magic, weapons, gear, dimensions, and biomes the ultimate mod!753.84 KB

Just made a 3D Crystal ball, hope i can add it soon this mod is still in development so its not complete yet <3.

can you help me?
i need to create mods for the minecraft version 1.4.7
but i dont find the mcreator on the downloads can you help me?

I had that problem too in the 1.7.5 version. I fixed it. I fixed it by changing something in the lang file in your mcreator user map.
Sorry but i cant rememer what i changed.
If I remember i will post it here.