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Create unique spells with 34 new scrolls and 5 types of crystals!


Spells are created on a magic table with the help of 4 types of crystals and 4 types of scrolls

Scrolls types:

  • Projectile - projectile of your spell. 
  • Moving - how your projectile will move.
  • Doing - projectile effect
  • Additional - upgrades for your spell

Crystals are needed to craft your spell. They come in 5 types:

  • Gamma crystal - need for projectile scrolls
  • Sigma crystal - need for moving scrolls
  • Beta crystal - need for doing scrolls
  • Alpha crystal - need for additional scrolls
  • Delta crystal - crafted from other crystal types. Need for super upgrades


There are 2 structures in the modification

Magic House

In this house, you can find gamma and sigma crystal, as well as various types of scrolls

Magic Tower

It's an old, ruined tower. At the very top is a chest with various scrolls. Guarded by pillagers





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