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The goal of this mod is to enhance Minecraft's tool and combat systems by giving the player more options to customize their equipment. This is done by adding 23 different enchantments, which are explained in detail down here. To make it a little more challlenging, two new advancements have been created as well.

Before continuing, I'd like to point out that this mod is translated to Spanish.

Last but not least, thank you for checking out my mod! I would appreciate any kind of feedback.

Here is a list of all new enchantments:


Melee (swords and axes):


  • Critical (I – V): This enchantment makes the chosen tool deal more damaging critical hits. However, since normal hits are not changed, it is buffed compared to Sharpness. Incompatibilities: Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Vindication, Mastery, Double Edge, Devastating Combo.


  • Vindication (I – V): It effectively increases damage towards illagers. It also gives the target Weakness I for a few seconds. Note: ravagers are NOT illagers in game. Incompatibilities: Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Critical, Mastery, Double Edge, Devastating Combo.


  • Mastery (I – X): This is an enchantment only for the most determined and dedicated players. It has the purpose of dealing more damage in general. However, this is so subtle in the first levels that one may not be able to tell the difference between its effect and that of an unenchanted weapon. Not only that, but it can’t be found neither in loot chests nor while trading with villagers. Despite all these drawbacks, Mastery X is by far the most broken enchantment in the game, blessing the carrier with Luck II and an extraordinary amount of extra damage. Will you be devoted enough to reach the summit of this steep mountain? Incompatibilities: Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Critical, Vindication, Double Edge, Devastating Combo.


  • Double Edge (I – V): This risky attacking option increases significantly one's damage output. However, it also gives back part of the damage to the carrier as a drawback. Armor protection is taken into account. Incompatibilities: Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Vindication, Mastery, Devastating Combo.


  • Bulk (I – III): When the porter kills a monster using a weapon enchanted with Bulk, they will receive several extra hearts for a few seconds. The amount of new hearts depends on the maximum health of the slained enemy. Incompatibilities: Boost, Dematerialisation.


  • Dematerialisation (I – III): This is a sneaky alternative to other similar enchantments, applying Invisibility for a short amount of time when the user kills a monster. Incompatibilities: Boost, Bulk.




  • Boost (I – III): If you’re looking for a fast and aggresive playstyle, this is your best bet. This enchantment gives a speed increase to the bearer when they kill a monster. As a consequence, its effect leads to a more dinamic combat. Incompatibilities: Bulk, Dematerialisation.


  • Devastating Combo (I) (axe only): This enchantment can only be applied to axes, working in repetitions of three hits each. The first two attacks actually deal less damage than those of a usual axe. However, the third strike is truly strong compared to other attacks. Alter that, the cycle repeats itself and the two next hits will be weakened again. Incompatibilities: Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Critical, Vindication, Mastery



  • Forward Slash (I) (sword only): Become the master of close-ranged combat by dashing through foes and enemies! This improvement allows one to sprint for a short amount of time by attacking a creature with an enchanted sword, becoming invincible while dashing. However, it only works when the carrier is directly on the ground. Incompatibilities: Knockback





  • Tension (I – V): An upgraded bow with this enchantment will build up strength while charging even after it's fully charged. As a result, the damage dealt will increase along with the charge time. However, this stops being effective after six seconds. Incompatibilitites: Power, Sniper.



  • Sniper (I – IV): Bow enjoyers now have a wide range of options to deal more damage. One of them is Sniper, whose damage growth increases the farther one is from their target. However, at close range, there is no noticeable change. Incompatibilities: Power, Tension.


  • Paralysis (I - III): This enchantment allows one to completely freeze a creature on the spot, leaving it vulnerable to more attacks. A good sniper can definitely make use of this tool to their advantage. Paralysis also exposes the target by applying Glowing while it’s paralyzed. Incompatibilities: Flame.



  • Flashback (I): Return safely to a checkpoint you've been to by using this enchantment. When a creature is harmed by the carrier of this empowerment, Ender particles will appear where the arrow has been shot. Five seconds later, the attacker will automatically teleport to this point. Incompatibilities: none.





  • Fuse (I – III): Use the power of explosions whenever you want to! An arrow shot from an enchanted crossbow with Fuse will instantaneously explode when it reaches its target, damaging everyone around it. However, that “everyone” includes you, so be careful and don’t get too close! Incompatibilitites: Armor Breaker.


  • Armor Breaker (I – III): Opposing Sniper, Armor Breaker contributes to dealing more damage, but indirectly. A shot of a crossbow empowered with this enchantment applies the target a new potion effect called Fragility, which makes them suffer more damage depending on the level. Specifically, Armor Breaker gives Fragility I, which increases damage dealt by 20%. Incompatibilities: Fuse.



  • Flashback (I): Return safely to a checkpoint you've been to by using this enchantment. When a creature is harmed by the carrier of this empowerment, Ender particles will appear where the arrow has been shot. Five seconds later, the attacker will automatically teleport to this point.






  • Supercharge (I – V): By using this enchantment, a trident will store energy every time it's thrown and it deals damage to a monster. When a close-ranged attack is performed, the weapon will release all its charge. The more energy accumulated, the more damage it will deal. Nevertheless, it only works in water or rain. Incompatibilities: Impaling, Riptide.


  • Air Leech (I – III): The porter of this enchantment receives Water Breathing for some time every time they kill a monster under water. Incompatibilities: Sea's Blessing.


  • Sea's Blessing (I – III): Similarly to Air Leech, this enchantment grants its carrier the ability to receive Dolphin's Grace every time they kill a monster. Incompatibilities: Air Leech.



  • Counter-current (I – III): Bring your foes or prey closer to you every time you throw a trident empowered with Counter-current. This allows melee-centered playstyles to shine more. Incompatibilities: Riptide.



  • Sacrifice (I): Satisfy the mighty gods by offering them as many sinful souls as you can! This will certainly appease them, and use their powers for your benefit in return, in this case by creating rain out of thin air. However, bear this in mind: be quick! The gods are impatient and they have no inconvenience in rejecting your offerings. Incompatibilities: none.






  • Flight (I – II): Soar into the skies with a pair of boots empowered with this new enchantment! It has the effect of applying Levitation to the bearer for a few seconds when they jump. Though it’s undoubtedly useful in forests and jungles, it lags behind inside caves and closed spaces. Incompatibilities: Depth Strider, Frost Walker.




Mining tools:


  • Magnetism (I): Attracts mined materials directly to your inventory, making the game much more comfortable to play, especially regarding big construction proyects in late-game. Incompatibilities: Fortune.





  • Curse of Dizziness: As the name suggests, it grants an object the ability to make the carrier feel sick. This also applies to pieces of armor which are being worn.
Modification files
ExpandedEnchanting_0.0.jar - Version 0.0Uploaded on: 08/10/2022 - 15:19   File size: 149.85 KB
ExpandedEnchanting_0.1.jar - Version 0.1Uploaded on: 08/20/2022 - 15:11   File size: 125.72 KB
ExpandedEnchanting_0.2.jar - Version 0.2Uploaded on: 09/22/2022 - 19:03   File size: 182.7 KB

- Version 0.2

  • Added 10 enchantments: Air Leech, Double Edge, Magnetism, Tension, Flashback, Counter-current, Sacrifice, Supercharge, Sea’s Blessing and Dematerialisation


  • Changes for bow and crossbow enchantments:
    1. Trap’s name has been changed to Paralysis
    2. Sniper and Paralysis can only be combined with bows from now on. On the other hand, Fuse can only be used with crossbows
    3. Sniper is now only incompatible with Power and Tension (new enchantment)
    4. Paralysis is now only incompatible with Flame
    5. Fuse is now only incompatible with Armor Breaker
    6. Fuse now doesn’t work while raining or thundering


  • Rarity changes:
    1. Flight: Rare -> Uncommon
    2. Bulk: Uncommon -> Common
    3. Mastery: Uncommon -> Common
    4. Vindication: Uncommon -> Common
    5. Armor Breaker: Uncommon -> Common
    6. Fuse: Rare -> Common
    7. Paralysis: Rare -> Uncommon


  • Other changes:
  • Forward Slash now works under water
  • Most damage enchantments have been reworked and now they work better
  • Flight is now incompatible with Frost Walker and Depth Strider
  • Curse of Dizziness now applies Nausea I instead of Nausea II

- Version 0.1

  • Added 3 enchantments: Devastating Combo, Forward Slash and Fuse.
  • Removed the Enchanting Guide.

- Version 0.0

  • Added 10 enchantments: Flight, Boost, Bulk, Vindication, Critical, Mastery, Trap, Armor Breaker, Sniper and Curse of Dizziness.
  • Added 2 advancements: Accurate Snipe and [Hidden]
  • Added the Enchanting Guide
  • Added the potion effect "Fragility"