Magical Infinity Reboot (Discontinued)

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Magical Infinity Reboot has finally his biggest update ever! Introducing the Magical Infinity Reboot Texture Update!

Had you ever tried to play Minecraft with magic stuff inside and do you think that some biomes are lacking of building blocks, ores and more? Well now is your chance to add the missing blocks with Magical Infinity Reboot! This mod adds tons of new ores that you can mine, create armor and most inportantly, create rituals! If this mod have any bugs, please report them as comment. I'll try to fix it. If i were you, i'll probably use NEI (Not Enough Items) or JEI (Just Enough Items) to help with the crafting recipe. I discontinued Magical Infinity 1 and 2 because of MCreator itself. Mostly unfixable errors. Welcome to the newest version of Magical Infinity!

If you want to see a mod pack focused around Magical Infinity, you can check my channel (if you are french). Its Thediamondcrystal Team. The serie's name is "The 8 Dimensions". Here is a link for the mod pack, logo and more:

You can make a serie as long as you put this link, which is my YouTube channel link, to credit me:…


If you want to get all the versions of Magical Infinity like Magical Infinity 1, 2 and Revamped, an unreleased version, you can click this link right here! Just unzip it and voila, a whole new world of mod if in your hand:

This zip folder contains all the versions of Magical Infinity like Magical Infinity 1, 2 and Revamped, an unreleased version, every update made in it like the alpha, the beta and the releases, add-on for Magical Infinity like Biome ++, Anceptical Mod, and Anetherend and logos for all the update of Magical Infinity Reboot and the Magical Infinity logo. Note: All of the versions should be for 1.12.2 even the add-on.


For the Texture Update, nothing will really change, but it is the name of the texture that will change. A list with all the name of the texture and a texture pack base for this mod will be provided in the zip folder. Also, a default texture pack with the default Magical Infinity Reboot texture will be included in the zip file when the update rolls out. If you make a Resource Pack with updated texture, let me know! I'd love to see what people makes.


Here's the forum link: You can suggest blocks and items here but it needs to be about magic or building.

If any link doesn't work, let me know.

Modification files
Magical Infinity Reboot Release 1.4.0 Beta - Update 5: The Texture Update Beta 16.99 MB
Magical Infinity Reboot Release 1.3.0.jar - Update 4: The Dimensionnal Update7.05 MB
Magical Infinity Reboot Release 1.2.0.jar - Update 3: The Glitched Update6.74 MB
Magical Infinity Reboot Release 1.1.0.jar - Update 2: The Magical Update6.51 MB

Changelog in Release 1.0.0: 

- Look for yourself! (Too many things in the mod to put in the changelog)


Changelog in Release 1.1.0: 

- A bunch of magic stuff


Changelog in Release 1.2.0: 

- A bunch of glitched stuff


Changelog in Release 1.3.0:



- Added the Magical Infinity Ore

- Added the Magical Infinity Block

- Added the Magical Infinity Rainbow Block

- Added the Magical Infinity Obsidian

- Added the Magical Infused Infinity Block

- Added the Combined Star Block

- Added three new Altar, the Opristonium Altar, the Infinity Altar and the Magical Infinity Altar

- Added three Staff Table, the Opristonium Staff Table, the Infinity Staff Table and the Magical Infinity Staff Table



- Added the Joynurine Star

- Added the Magical Spawner

- Added the Magical Infinity Apple, the best food source in the game

- Added the Magical Infinity Arrow

- Added the Magical Infinity Gem

- Added the Magical Infinity Shard

- Added the Magical Infinity Star

- Added the Opristonium Star

- Added the Ruby Star

- Added the Sapphire Star

- Added the Sun Star

- Added the Toxic Star

- Added the Water Star


Tools and armor:

- Added the Joynurine Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe

- Added the Ioquloine Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe

- Added the Magical Infinity Armor

- Added the Magical Infinity Bow

- Added the Magical Infinity Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe

- Added the Slizite Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Hoe



- Added the Infinity Boy

- Added the Magical Girl

- Added the Pink sweater Girl

- Added the Ruby Girl

- Added the Sapphire Boy

- Added The Survivor

- Added the Water/Fire Mage



- Added the Magical Infinity Dimensions



- You cannot smelt a Magical Infinity Ore to get a Magical Infinity Gem. I forgot to add the recipe

- The Magical Infinity Ore's name has a random "\ " before the block's original name

- Almost every Bosses texture are bugged, The Glitched is an exception


Changelog in Release 1.4.0 Beta 1: 

- Changed the name of all the texture that had a weird name like "yiugfdf" so that this mod can be compatible with other ressource pack (A list of all textures name will be included in the downloadable pack with all versions).

- Change the name from "Saphire" to "Sapphire" on most Sapphire stuff. If it is not fixed, it will be in the 1.4.0 Beta 2

Here it is, the newest version of Magical Infinity! Hi everyone, I want to announce my new mod. If anyone of you want to help with this mod and get a shout out in the autor, please go to the forum link and suggest idea for the mod. Keep in mind that this mod is created in MCreator 1.7.7 because MCreator 1.7.9 do not want to install propely. Thank you for following the developpement of Magical Infinity Reboot.

Peace and out!


Hi everyone, sorry for a little inactivity. I'm trying to update Magical Infinity Reboot to the newest version of MCreator and it doesn't work. Sorry.

Peace and out!