COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod

Published by COMMANDO66 on Mon, 11/07/2022 - 01:38
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COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod adds exciting weapons of various levels of destruction.

Everything starts with the Wraith Knight, a summonable miniboss that must be slain for Essence. Essence is the fuel for all of the mod's weapons, so you will repeat this fight many times.

Use the Forge Table to create unique weapons with various abilities, from the Staff of Fire and its barrage of enchanted fire to the Archer's Blade and the rain of arrows it brings upon enemies.

The advancements menu serves as a guide to get started in survival. Check it or you will probably become very lost very fast. At the moment, the only place to find crafting recipes and Forge Table recipes is this page, so come back as needed when you want to craft or forge things. (You can view the crafting recipes with mods like JEI, but the Forge Table recipes will not show up.)

Planned Features

This mod is still a work in progress. More weapons will be added in future updates, as well as potential other features, such as:

  • The Replication Altar, which will allow players to create identical backups of important items for a high price in Essence
  • In-game list of Forge Table recipes
  • A custom dimension

Forge Table Recipes

The Forge Table GUI has four slots; there are three in a row on the bottom and a top slot. The left slot should contain a golden "base" weapon (the golden staff or golden dagger). The center slot contains the ingredient, and the right slot should be empty to make room for the output. The top slot should contain a forge hammer. When the button is pressed, the forge hammer will be damaged and the items in the left and center slots will be consumed. The output weapon will appear in the right slot. If an incorrect configuration of items is used, nothing will happen when the button is pressed.

Left Slot Center Slot Output
Gold Ingot Essence (You can also use a crafting table for this) Enchanted Gold Ingot (x3; x1 if using crafting table)
Golden Staff Redstone Staff of Fire
Golden Staff Fire Charge Blazing Staff
Golden Dagger Emerald Blade of Life
Golden Dagger Pufferfish (Will be Spider Eye in 1.0.4) Blade of Venom
Golden Staff Lapis Lazuli Staff of Ice
Golden Staff Red Sand Staff of Erosion
Golden Dagger Block of Coal Blade of Death
Golden Dagger Withered Bone (Craft a bone and coal together) Withered Blade
Golden Dagger Dead Bush Blade of Decay
Golden Dagger Spectral Arrow Archer's Blade

Crafting Recipes

There are a few crafting recipes in this mod, mostly to craft the items used to forge weapons.

(These are organized like a crafting grid, with the result on top.) Enchanted Gold Ingot (Shapeless): (You can use another mod like JEI to see these in-game.)
  Gold Ingot  
  Forge Table:  
Redstone Cobblestone Emerald
Cobblestone Enchanted Gold Ingot Cobblestone
Block of Coal Cobblestone Lapis Lazuli
  Golden Staff:  
    Enchanted Gold Ingot
  Enchanted Gold Stick  
Enchanted Gold Stick    
  Golden Dagger:  
  Enchanted Gold Ingot  
Enchanted Gold Stick    
  Forge Hammer:  
  Gold Ingot Gold Ingot
  Enchanted Gold Stick Gold Ingot
Enchanted Gold Stick    
  Enchanted Gold Stick (x8):  
Stick Stick Stick
Stick Enchanted Gold Ingot Stick
Stick Stick Stick
  Inactive Construct  
Enchanted Gold Ingot   Enchanted Gold Ingot
Enchanted Gold Stick Block of Emerald Enchanted Gold Stick
Blade of Venom Enchanted Gold Ingot  
  Replication Altar  
Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust
Cobblestone Enchanted Gold Ingot Cobblestone
Enchanted Gold Ingot Cobblestone Enchanted Gold Ingot


Official Discord (Suggestions, polls, and announcements)

Wraith Knight / Music Disc Wraith Music

Modification files
COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod 1.0.4.jar - Version 1.0.4 - The Replication Altar UpdateUploaded on: 11/24/2022 - 23:20   File size: 2.23 MB
COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod 1.0.3.jar - Version 1.0.3 - The Construct UpdateUploaded on: 11/10/2022 - 23:57   File size: 296.07 KB
COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod 1.0.2.jar - Version 1.0.2 - The Wraith Knight FixUploaded on: 11/09/2022 - 23:43   File size: 263.88 KB
COMMANDO66's Sorcery Mod 1.0.0.jar - Version 1.0.0 - The OriginUploaded on: 11/07/2022 - 01:45   File size: 250.19 KB
  • 1.0.5 (Unreleased)
    • Essence can now be used as furnace fuel.
    • Arctic Soldiers and Plains Soldiers no longer spawn outside of Namragmon.
    • Added the 16x16 Arctic Base, generated in the world and used to generate other structures on top of it.
    • Added Crates, blocks which drop loot from a loot table when broken without Silk Touch, and themselves when broken with Silk Touch.
    • Added the Tower Reinforcer, currently used in the 16x16 Arctic Base to generate the Arctic Tower on top of it. Occasionally, it will regenerate the structure, fixing all damage and removing all additions to allow it to be looted again. It might be used in the future to generate other structures.
    • Added the Arctic Construct, a boss for the Arctic Tower.
    • Completely reworked how mortar bombardment works; now, the Mortar block is decorative and the Flare Bow is used to call down bombardments instead.
    • Added the Flare Bow and Flare, used to mark positions for bombardment.
    • Projectiles from the Flare Bow will call down bombardments of Explosives when they hit a block or an entity.
    • Removed Creative entries for several unobtainable blocks, including Citadel Bricks and variants and some of the blocks used for generating structures.
    • Added several advancements.
    • Development has been paused for the foreseeable future.
  • 1.0.4 - The Replication Update
    • The Blade of Venom is now forged with a Spider Eye.
    • Inactive Constructs are no longer consumed when placing Constructs in Creative Mode.
    • Added custom music disc Wraith.
    • Wraith now also plays as boss music for the Wraith Knight.
    • Implemented more safeguards to ensure that the unintended leftover enchantment is not used.
    • Added a root advancement to the mod's advancement tree (Sorcery).
    • Added a background to the mod's advancement tree.
    • Drastically reduced the breaking time of Unnatural Fire (the fire created by the Staff of Fire).
    • Chanted the Blade of Death's damage equation.
    • Added paintings of the symbols for all four elements and the mod logo.
    • Drastically increased the amount of experience dropped by the Wraith Knight.
    • Constructs no longer require emeralds to activate.
    • Constructs can no longer be healed with emeralds.
    • When picked up (killed) by their owners, Constructs no longer drop Emeralds.
    • The Forge Table no longer drops Forge Hammers when the GUI is closed.
    • Added the Aggressive Construct, which functions like a Construct with the exception that it targets all players other than its owner.
    • The Aggressive Construct can now be picked up in the same manner as the regular Construct.
    • Added the Replication Alter, which allows one to create identical copies of items for a very high price; its intended use is to create backups of gear.
    • The Forge Table and the Replication Altar now both pause the game when opened in singleplayer.
    • The Replication Altar now properly accepts items into its slots.
    • Added a crafting recipe for the Replication Altar.
    • Edited the textures for some weapons so they are rotated correctly when held in the player's hand.
    • Added advancements for obtaining Constructs and Aggressive Constructs (Automaton Defender and Get Off My Lawn).
    • Added Citadel Bricks, an unbreakable and unobtainable block, and stair, slab, and wall variants.
    • Added Namragmon, an alternate dimension where all future structures will be added.
    • Added the trenchland biome, which serves as a battlefield for the two factions Namragmon will contain.
    • Added the spireland biome, which is the only biome in the dimension that will be suitable for mining.
    • Added the Arctic Soldier, the basic mob for one of the two factions.
    • Added the Plains Soldier, the basic mob for the other faction.
    • Added the Explosive, an entity that will create a deadly explosion when it takes any damage; the Explosive will be used as a bombardment weapon.
    • Added the /bombard command, which summons a small rain of Explosives around the given coordinates.
    • All entities in the trenchland biome will now experience constant bombardment of Explosives.
    • Added the Arctic Dugout, a structure found in the trenchland that contains a small loop of trenches and a bunker below. It also spawns Arctic Soldiers.
    • Unnatural Fire now properly decays over time.
    • Added the Mortar, a block used to bombard enemies with Explosives in survival.
    • Added the Explosive Mortar, ammunition for the Mortar.
    • Added the Arctic Mortar Fort, a structure rarer than the Arctic Dugout, which each contain several Mortars. Mortar Forts have a large quantity of spawners and are made of unbreakable Citadel Bricks.
    • Added the Reaping Efficiency enchant for the Reaping Scythe, which increases breaking speed and attack speed with the tool.
    • Unnatural Fire now uses the placement conditions for torches.
    • Added descriptions for the Golden Staff and Golden Dagger.
  • 1.0.3 - The Construct Update
    • The Wraith Knight no longer disappears after killing a player.
    • The Wraith Knight's health has been restored to its previous value.
    • Reduced the amount of time the Wraith Knight inflicts Wraith Decay.
    • The Wraith Knight is no longer immune to Wither.
    • The Wraith Knight is no longer immune to Dragon Breath.
    • Added the Construct, a tameable stationary mob that shoots projectiles at hostile mobs.
    • Effectively removed a leftover enchantment that was not supposed to be in the mod.
    • Altered the textures of all daggers to properly display in the player's hand.
    • Corrected the bounding box of the Forge Table.
    • Added the Blade of Venom, the weapon used by Constructs.
    • Constructs can be instantly killed by their owners, and when killed by their owners, they will drop Inactive Constructs and Emeralds to activate them after being moved.
    • It is no longer possible to summon multiple Wraith Knights at the same time.
  • 1.0.2  - The Wraith Knight Fix
    • Removed the Wraith Knight's swap ability and its ability to spawn Wraiths at random
  • 1.0.1 - The Wraith Update
    • Hunting Spiders no longer place cobwebs; instead, they drop string periodically.
    • Essence now stacks to 64.
    • The recipe for an Enchanted Gold Ingot is now shapeless.
    • Reduced the hitbox size of Hunting Spiders to prevent them from suffocating after teleportation.
    • Fixed improper naming of the Blade of Decay.
    • Greatly increased the duration of the Staff of Ice's protection.
    • Greatly increased the cooldown of the Staff of Ice.
    • Removed the Shield of Ice status effect; instead, the Staff of Ice directly grants protection instead of relying on the status effect.
    • The Wraith Knight now always drops 64 Essence.
    • The Wraith Knight now carries a Netherite Axe.
    • The Wraith Knight has 100 more health points.
    • The Wraith Knight no longer wears armor.
    • Unnatural Fire on longer uses a status effect to function.
    • Removed Relentless Flame status effect; instead, Unnatural Fire directly deals damage.
    • Added Wraith Decay status effect. Wraith Decay damages you irrespective of armor or even added health, always taking one tenth of your health bar per tick.
    • Wraith Knight attacks now inflict Wraith Decay for ten seconds.
    • The Wraith Knight no longer ignores tamed mobs when players are nearby.
    • Unnatural Fire now deals less damage to Wraith Knights.
    • Unnatural Fire no longer attempts to damage mobs that are immune to fire (with the sole exception of Wraith Knights).
    • The Wraith Knight now uses cave sounds as its ambient sounds.
    • The Wraith Knight now properly gives players effects.
    • The Wraith Knight can now swap locations with the entity it is targeting.
    • Added the Wraith, a regular mob that can spawn at night and also spawns whenever a player dies to Wraith Decay.
    • Wraith Knights now summon Wraiths as an attack.
  • 1.0.0 - The Origin
    • Mod created.

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