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Welcome to Pyromancy!

Inspired on Botania, Pyromancy is a magic mod based around fire, the Nether and Red Mana.

In Pyromancy, you can explore new structures, fight new monsters and combine the power of Redstone and Red Mana to rule the world!

shurikenfireThere are many new blocks that can help you automating your world. You can find blocks that place plants, trap mobs, destroy other blocks and much more! It's up to your creativity how to use them! :)

manaredWhile this is mainly an automation mod, it also adds a bit of adventure by improving the Nether with some structures and Nether Trees and adding new monsters, a new miniboss, a lot of new potions and a new weapon!

At the moment this mod is very little, but new updates will be released soon.

To see the recipes, use JEI or any other mod that makes you able to see modded recipes.

If you want more info, go to the official Pyromancy topic. In that topic there is a guide and every block and item is documented.

I am open to suggestions :D

PS: that grey thing on the Nether Cyclop's face is a ring, not a smile! XD

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Versioning and changelog+ = added, - = removed, ~ = changed, ! = fixed

1.0 - 10/2/2018

+Wizard Pigman House

You can find Wizard Pigmen here.

+Wizard Pigman

A neutral mob that drops Rotten Flesh and Fragment of Nether Pearl.

+Fragment of Nether Pearl, Nether Pearl

+Obelisk of Absorption

Generates Red Mana if it is surrounded by lava. It can sometimes turn that lava into Cobblestone.

+Fiery Brewery

Consumes Red Mana. Used to make Vials.

+Empty Vial, Vial of the Dragon, Vial of the Golem

Vials are like potions but stack up to 16 and have different effects.

+Pyrocream of the Dragon, Pyrocream of the Golem

+Pyromancer's Wand

Tells you the amount of Red Mana in a Pyromancy Block.

1.1 - Redstone Conversion - 10/8/2018

+Obelisk of Redstone Conversion

Place a block of redstone on it and it will turn it into 9 Red Mana


If an entity is colliding it, it will consume one Red Mana, slow down that entity and make it do a little jump (so it won't consume 1 Red Mana per tick and istantly destroy your Red Mana sources)

+Vial of the Centaur

Makes you fast, able to jump high and strong for a bit. It also causes nausea though.

+Pyrocream of the Centaur

~Nerfed Obelisk of Absorbption

~Now the Fiery Brewery consumes 10 Red Mana rather than 1

~Improved Pyromancer's Wand: now if you right click on a Pyromancy blocks that has nothing, it will say it has nothing, if it has an item that is not Red Mana, it will say it has no Red Mana.

! Fixed some bugs

1.2 - Tweak Update - 12/24/2018

+Block of Nether Pearls

+Vial of the Cyclop, Pyrocream of the Cyclop

Makes you hasty, resistant and blind for a bit.

~Now Obelisk have a different block model (the Obelisk of Absorption even has an animated one)

~Now the Fiery Brewery consumes less Red Mana

~Done some little tweaks

! Fixed some bugs

1.3 - Creating and Destroying - 3/3/2019

+Farmer Block

Used to plant saplings on grass/dirt similarly to the Destroyer Block (using Ender Pearls and Nether Pearls). Due to a bug that will be fixed in MCreator 1.8.3, all the saplings will be turned into oak saplings, but I don't think this is a major issue.

+Nether Log, Nether Planks

Currently useless and unobtainable. Nether Trees will spawn in Pyromancy 1.4+.

~Now the Destroyer Block works. It destroys blocks (that aren't command blocks, piston heads, etc.) that have an harvest level of 2 or below. You can choose the block to destroy using Ender Pearls and Nether Pearls and when the Destroyer Block is powered by redstone it will destroy the block chosen and consume 3 Red Mana.

~Now the Pyromancer's Wand can help you see what block will be destroyed/planted by the Destroyer Block/Farmer Block

~Now the Nether Pearl's max stack is 16

! Fixed some bugs

1.4 - Anether Update - 05/01/2019

+Nether Altar

A block that consumes Red Mana to do some rituals: for example, right-click it with a Diamond to summon a Nether Cyclop or right-click it with a Nether Cyclop's Ring to get a Fiery Shuriken

+Nether Cyclop

A miniboss that drops its ring. Can sometimes summon Evil Pigmen Wizards, heal himself a bit or gain some potion effects.

+Evil Pigman Wizard

A minion of the Nether Cyclop. It behaves very similarly to the Pigman Wizard except it's always aggressive and drops nothing

+Nether Cyclop's Ring

A Nether Altar can turn it into a Fiery Shuriken

+Fiery Shuriken

A ranged weapon that consumes nothing, just its durability. When it is fully damaged it turns into a Nether Cyclop's Ring again

+Red Mana Binder

Used to bind 2 blocks (for example the Destroyer block and a block)

+Nether Trees

They spawn on little flying soul sand islands, because I couldn't make them spawn on the ground

+Nether Bookshelf

Currently it's just an alternative to a vanilla bookshelf

+Vial of the Phoenix, Pyrocream of the Phoenix

Makes you levitate a bit while recovering some health

+Endless Red Mana Source

For creative mode only.

~Now you bind blocks using the Red Mana Binder rather than all those Ender/Nether pearls

~Now the Farmer Block can place more plants (all the kinds of saplings, all kinds of crops, sugar canes, nether wart and deadbushes). Obviously every type of plant has different conditions that have to be respected before being planted (the block won't waste your red mana)

~Now there no longer are GUIs in the mod

~Now the Pyromancer's Wand is a bit more advanced but no longer removes fire from you

~Some more tweaks

! Fixed some bugs

1.4.1 - Bugfixing Update #1 - 05/16/2019

~Now the Red Mana Binder can no longer bind blocks that are too far away

! When using the Fiery Shuriken in creative, it left a huge amount of Rings of the Cyclop

! When the Fiery Shuriken is consumed, it gives 3 Rings of the Cyclop

! Removed strict Forge version check

Modification download files


And can you add Nether Tools and Blaze Rod Tools and Ghast Tears ools?

Well, actually this mod is about magic, not tools and the only tools that this mod will add will only be craftable after doing some red mana stuff.
I might add these tools in a separate Modular Expansion mod.
Anyways, thanks! :D

I thought I lost the files of this mod because the Mcreator version I used to make it (1.8.0) was not loading and I made no backup workspace...
Then I went to MCreatorfolder\user\workspace and discovered that there are all the workspaces there! I imported one of these workspaces and that was the Pyromancy workspace!
That means new update coming soon! :D