Magical Seed

Published by Ro... on Fri, 04/17/2020 - 22:55
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A mod full of magic and now with blood. This mod add: -Powerful magic staffs -New wood -Lightning Spell -Explosive Spell -Teleporter Spell -When you craft the magic staff, it will give you Night Vision and regeneration when you have it in your hand. Right click for regeneration. -Put the staff in the crafting grid and it will give you a staff that shoot magic, more powerful than a bow -Put the staff in the crafting grid with a spell book. -Lightning Spell: summon a lightning bolt when the magic bullet hit a block or an entity. -Explosive spell: The magic bullet explode when it hit a block -Teleporter Spell: throw an ender pearl (it doesn't hurts you). -Put the staff in a crafting grid to remove the spell. -You always keep the spell book. -Magic Tree grow up super fast! Don't forget to see the Update note and If you want to see the old version, Go to Addon forum: Here is the wiki:


Frozen Biome

Don't forget to tell me the bug and tell me what you want to see for a next update.

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Magical+Seed+-Forge-1.14.4-V1.jar - For ppl who want to test the alpha (go to curse forge to see all version)104.23 KB

I didn't say, but i have no problem if you make Add-ons for the mod. Actually, i would be rather happy, because it may be that I add things from your add-on in the mod. Just don't forget to post it here so i can test it.

"Go Down"

Wait for the 1.15.2 for the biggest update such as Village, new spell, a new table that allow you to combine all the spell and than switch for the spell you need by pressing a key. way more so no. the mod is not finish, It will be way harder to get immortality. For the next update, Elemental Boss will be nothing. against the Creator of magic. Don't miss that.