Final Rpg Mod(Continuation of the rpgcraft)

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Disclaimer: This is the continuation of rpgcraft but more polished.

Getting Started:  There are several class-books that give you access to class abilities. Abilities can be purchased using your skill points. Each character has a different amount of skill points he/she can spend. Use the Skill point and God Stone items to be able to learn any spell. (Those items exist for testing purposes)

Classes So Far
⦁    Abjurer: Defensive wizard able to cast protection magic.
1.    Spell: Oakflesh: Oakflesh effect consumes 5 Spellslot per 8 seconds gives resistance 1 while active.It's Tier 1. Recast to dispell.
2.    Spell: Stoneflesh: Stoneflesh effect consumes 10 Spellslot per 8 seconds gives resistance 2 while active. and It's Tier 2. Recast to dispell.
3.    Spell: Diamondflesh: Diamondflesh effect consumes 15 Spellslot per 8 seconds gives resistance 3 while active. Requires Diamond to cast and it's Tier 3. Recast to dispell.
4.    Spell: Shield: Casts a shield for 3s protecting the user from meelee attacks giving resistance I and costing 10 Spellslots per 3 seconds. It's a Tier 2 Spell. Recast to dispell.
5.    Spell: Force-field: Creates a forcefield around the caster. It's a Tier 4 Spell and with each tier the size increases by a factor of 50% starting at 80% normal size. Random duration
6.    Spell: Circle Of Protection: Casts a circle that protects whoever stands inside it. It's permenant and a Tier 8 Spell. Requires Runic Enscriber + Gold Ingot.

⦁    Hemomancer: A self-sustaining wizard able to cast blood related magic. It's main focus is to sacrifice hp for damaging Spells and more hp. (For map makers it's op make a boss drop or something)
1.    Spell: Transfusion: Deals 3 damage per 5 Spellslot and restores 1-3 Hp per 5 Spellslot .It's Tier 1.  (Will be nerfed maybe)
2.    Spell: Equalibrium: The caster sacrifices 5 hp for 5 Spellslots or 5 Spellslots for 5 hp. Cooldown of 10s. It's Tier 2.
3.    Spell: Hemosphere: Deals 3 damage to the caster creates a sphere of blood that follows the caster. Gives Instant health II while near a player. Lives for 10s .It's Tier 3. If there's a blood drop in a radius of 6 blocks it's casted for free.
4.    Spell: Bloodbolt: Summons a bolt of blood. The caster sacrifices 2 hp per higher Tier but is casted for free if a blood drop is near. When this spell collides with an entity deals 15 damage. If it hits the ground it has a 40% chance to create a blood drop. Tier 3 Spell +5 damage per higher Tier.
5.    Spell: Blood Boil: The caster explodes spawning 4 blood drops near it. Tier 5 Spell. (the caster is dealt 10 damage doesn't scale)
6.    Spell: Hemoplague: A target is hit with Hemoplague. After 15s the caster is healed for 20HP and the target is dealt 30 damage. It's Tier 8.

⦁    Black Mage: An elemental caster ruler of ice and fire. It's a basic low cost class with spells focused on being used in rapid succession. You can unlock a more powerful class after upgrading. (MAX TIER 5)
1.    Spell: Ignite: Sets a target on fire for 8 secs per Tier. It starts as Tier 1.
2.    Spell: Freeze: Freezes a target for 5 secs per Tier. It starts as Tier 1.
3.    Spell: Firebolt: Deals 15 damage + 5 per tier and ignites for 3s per higher tier starting at 3s. It starts as Tier 3. Requires Inkbolt.
4.    Spell: Icebolt: Deals 15 damage + 5 per tier and freezes for 4s per higher tier starting at 2s. It starts as Tier 3. Requires Shard of Nevermelt Ice.

⦁    Blue Mage: An elemental magic ruler of Lightning. It's a basic mid-low cost class with spells focused on dealing damage or cc a single target. You can unlock a more powerful class after upgrading. (MAX TIER 6)
1.    Spell: Arc: Creates a lightning stream that deal 5 damage per higher tier. Start at Tier 1.
2.    Spell: Paralysis: Paralyzes a target for 4 seconds per higher tier and deals 4 damage. Start at Tier 2.
3.    Spell: Lightning Arrow: Creates a Lightning Arrow that deals 14 damage with high range. Start at Tier 3.
4.    Spell: Create Lightning: After 3s creates lightning dealing 32 damage. Tier 6. Requires Golden Nugget.


⦁    Green Mage: An elementalist whose Spells are affected by the weather/biome/enviroment. It's a basic low cost class with spells focused on utility and healing as well as minor magic. You can unlock a more powerful class after upgrading. (MAX TIER 3)
1.    Spell: Nature's Wraith: Creates a lightning stream (if thundering), a gust (if rainning),Ignite (if clear). Starts at Tier 1. (Improved Spells at MAX tier)
2.    Spell: Nature's Protection: Oakflesh(Near wood), Forcefield (Default). Starts at Tier 1.
3.    Spell: Nature's Blessing: Fire Resistance/Saturation I (Clear), Cannot be set on fire/Regeneration I (Rainning), Magic Regen I (Thundering). Lasts for 6->8->9 seconds. Starts at Tier 1.
4.    Spell: Vines: Able to cast near Grass . Starts at Tier 1.
5.    Spell: Growth : Crops and grass grows near the caster, the higher the Tier the bigger the area. Starts at Tier 1.


⦁    Hemomancer's Set: Tides of Blood: If you have any level of transfusion you gain Absorption 2. Also it gives +1 to Spellslot Regen.















You require ebwizardry to use properly.

I promise i'll fix the description on a later date.

Modification files
FinalRpg.jar - This contains 5 classes and 3 Armor Sets. You need Ebwizardry1.72 MB

Version 1

- Class: Blue Mage

- Class: Green Mage

- Class: Black Mage

- Class: Abjurer

- Class: Hemomancer

- Gear : Hemomancer's Armor