Fantasy world

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hello, here I present my first mod if I know my name says that I only do animal mods but I also have to do their biomes so I made this fantasy mod that will add 3 new armor and minerals 3 new animals, and many new adventures I will try upload updates to my mod every week and improve it every time, see you on my next mod 

hello everyone I have a very big project well fantasy world its finished but I have 3 minecraft servers in spasish :D yes I talk spanish the link of the server is here : please come in it  helps a lot

sorry no more updates mcreator 2020.5 and mcreator 2021.1 dont open

thanks for all the dowloads       


hola he agregado aguacate, tomate y aceitunas que pueden crecer en las próximas actualizaciones

actualización de luces de neón!

muchas cosas se actualizan!

¡Actualización 2.0.0!


Take me with care. because I am very small with time and watering will turn me into something green.

if you solve the puzzle, you will know the next update

Maybe if you improve your textures and put some images in game would make it better