AfterLife Sorcery

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This Is A Mod All About Magic.

At The Start Of The World, You Will Get A Class Selector Item, Upon Right Clicking, You Will Open A GUI Where You Can Select Either 'Divine Being' Or 'Demon Lord' Classes (More Coming Soon + More Abilities For Them)


Default Z Key:  Activate Your Abilities

Default N Key:  Change Selected Ability

There Will Also Be Various Bosses Coming Soon, each with their own abilities

Modification files
good_vs_evil-2.0.0-forge-1.20.1_0.jar - Improved VersionUploaded on: 05/27/2024 - 19:22   File size: 107.44 KB

Added  New Abilities For 'Divine Being' And 'Demon Lord' Classes 


'Divine Cage' Is An Ability For The 'Divine Being' Class, It Freezes All Nearby Hostile Entities And Deals Damage To Them

'Flame Laser'  Is An Ability For The 'Demon Lord' Class, It Shoots A Short-Ranged Laser Dealing Damage To The Enemy

Guys I'm Prob Gonna Abandon This Mod And Focus On My JJK Mod Instead

In The Next Update, Should I Add Sukuna Or Gojo? (Both Will Be Coming At Some Point In The Future)

New Version Coming In A Few Days, Just Working On A New Ability Set And Mob