Hodge-Podge Mod II

Submitted by Eonaut on Sun, 01/08/2017 - 15:00

NOTE: This mod still has some bugs, most noteably:

1.7.10 Version:

Portals will spawn Zombie Pigmen at an astounding rate. They WILL overrun the area in a matter of seconds. I would advise trapping your portals with a pitfall.

If you die in a dimension and try to go back after you respawn, the game will crash and the save will get corrupted. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS

1.11.2 Version

In survival mode, entering/exiting a portal will sometimes spawn you above or below the portal, optentially suffocating you. I don't know why this is or how to fix it.


This mod is essentially the same as my original Hodge-Podge mod, but the sheer amount of revamp I did to it makes it worthy of its own page now (Kind of like RaolCraft)

In total, there are now over 300 elements, including 130 new blocks, 4 new fluids, 8 new types of armor, 8 dimensions, 107 items, and 52 new mobs.

While the primary goal of this mod is to introduce a myriad of blocks from pocket edition, newer versions of minecraft (that frankly, should have been in the game updates ago), and mostly my imagination, the structure of the mod has been redesigned to add more of an adventurous aspect. With 3 new bosses and another dimesion since the last version, as well as many new mobs, a progression system has been implemented. Now, in order to reach the other dimensions, staffs must be built using resources from the other dimensions you've gone to. These staffs will summon the next boss, but only when used in a certain dimension. Killing the boss rewards you with items, XP, and the igniter to the next dimension.

The main bosses are fought in this order: Smoldering Knight>>Tainted Knight>>Sentry of the Great Tree>>Greatwood Borer>>Ender

In addition to the new bosses and mobs, there are now seven full sets of armor, plus two pieces of modified insect armor, which when worn allow you to fly and land without taking fall damage. Tools (not hoes) can now be made with redstone crystals, and a new reddish-purple material called tyrianite.

The newest blocks, mobs and items:



pavement- A carpet-like block made with coal tar and gravel. It is affected by gravity and is non-collidable

chainmail fence- Decorative fencing made with chain links. Does not function like a regular fence (it is rendered as 1 block tall, not 1.5), and can be rotated by right-clicking it

tainted crystal ore-A tough ore found in the crystal field biome.. It can only be mined with a tyrianite pickaxe.

tainted soil- Dirt found in the Taint. It has a sickly orange color.

tainted grass- Sickly orange grass growing on sickly orange dirt. Found in the Taint. It does not spread like normal grass.

permafrost- Snow covered grass that is encrusted with ice. Breaking it will clear away the snow and ice.

sparse unobtainium ore- Stone that contains trace quantities of the rarest mineral ever. Smelting it yields a single unobtainium nugget. It is slightly more common than regular unobtainium ore and can be found up to layer 14.

Block of Frozen Flesh- made with 9 frozen flesh.



exoskeleton- a fragment of an arthropod's shell

exoskeleton shard- a tough scale made of insect shell fragments. Can be used to craft elytra and insect armor.

throwing knife- a dagger that can be thrown at entities to deal damage. Stacks up to 64 and is made with a stick and 2 iron nuggets like a sword.

creeperhide- A creeper's skin (or at least an imitation of it). Used to craft creeperhide armor. Made with gunpowder, leaves, and leather.

tainted extract- A foul substance that taints anything it touches. Made from tainted stone, and can be fired from a tainted blaster.

chainmail-made with iron nuggets, used to make chain armor and fences

Tainted Blaster-shoots tainted extract, if it hits a block, it produces tainted stone

Flamethrower-shoots fire charges.

amber bowl- a bowl filled with two crushed amber gems. Smelt it for a tasty treat

syrup bowl- sweet syrup made by smelting an amber bowl. Gives you a bowl back when eaten. Restores 1.5 hunger

frozen flesh- dropped by some of the creatures living in The Cold. Can be smelted for rotten flesh or crafted for necrotic flesh.

unobtainium nugget- obtained by smelting sparse unobtainium ore. 9 of them can make a full ingot.



insect-very tough, gives some decent status effects. Made with exoskeleton scales

creeperhide-explodes for each fire charge in you hand. Having more than 4 detonations will launch you very high into the sky, but would likely also be fatal.

Dimensional armor-Gives good status effects and is unbreakable but gives no armor protection value. Each recipe is different, and requires mostly items from a specific dimension to craft.

            Darkworld Helmet- (Added in an earlier version)- night vision + water breathing

            Tainted Chestplate-strength+resistance

            Degraded Leggings-fire resistance+regeneration

            Treeleaper Boots-speed+jump boost

Bone- Made with bone planks. Very tough.


Abomination- White-furred monsters related to oun and elgeth. Spawns in the Frozen Peaks biome

Snow Skulker- Light blue arthropods that ambush prey, concealed beneath deep snow. Found in the Blizzard biome

Wendigo- Dangerous humanoid creatures. They have icy blue claws and hearts visible through their chests. Found in the Frost Forest biome

Hardscale Beetle- A stronger subspecies of beetle with a very tough, blue shell. Found in the Great Tree.


Skeletal Woods- A forest of bonewood trees. Found in the Taint

Crystal Field-  An expanse of tainted soil with crystaline structures jutting form the ground. Found in the Taint

Frost Forest- A snowy forest with oak trees. Found in the Cold

Frozen Peaks- Barren regions with nothing but snow covered cobblestone. Icicles sprout fromt eh ground. Found in the Cold


Changes since Hodge-Podge II last version:


tyrianite tools are tier 4, and are the only tool able to break Tainted Crystal Ore

crystal blocks can't be crafted from crystal chunks anymore

special hordereaper enchantments are now better

permafrost biome now has permafrost as the ground block

beetles and infested colonists rarely drop exoskeleton

elytra can be crafted

Guns, lightning rods, dark scepter, crystal bones, and wither bones are now rendered like weapons when in your hand

lighting rods can be rotated 180 degrees by right-clicking them

fancy floors can rotate 90% by right-clicking them

depths lurkers spawn more frequently

wasteland zombies can spawn in the soul desert

Husks no longer spawn in the soul desert or geyser field biomes

tyrianite recipe yields only 1; also changed to use 1 tartarus red, 1 lapis, and 2 smoky quartz

mob spawner recipe now uses raw porkchop instead of pig spawn egg

frostbites drop frozen flesh

tartarus plants spawn in the soul desert and have a working cactus model

Blocks that can now rotate:

  • smoky quartz pillar
  • ender quartz pillar
  • tulgey log
  • tumtum log
  • smoldering log
  • obsidian brick pillar
  • bonewood log
  • huge carrot
  • huge golden carrot
  • block of arrows
  • wither bone block
  • murkwood log
  • ice encrusted oak log
  • block of sticks



Most of the crafting recipes. Armor and tools are not shown, but everything else is 

Planned Features (assuming I can actually get them to work correctly):

NOTE: If you know how to do these or would like to help make them, write a comment! I will gladly accept help, since I have never been able to get these to work right.

-Generated Structures to the world, including: Crystal Clusters,  glowing obsidian spikes, wanderer houses, and temples

-Get the nether reactor core to work like it did in pocket edition

-Make the Foodworld biomes have "trees", but not have to have dirt as the underground block.

-Possibly mobs for the Foodworld.

-Possibly a boss for The Cold

-Possibly an expansion of the Taint, including Taint-specific mobs and more heavily corrupted "dark" biomes

More information can be read in the progression walkthrough, which is found in the zip folder download.

Most recipes are  (in my mind) pretty easy to figure out. I would still suggest using Just Enough Items though.

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In development

Submitted by Eonaut on Sat, 02/04/2017 - 15:24

Well this is a surprise. Mod of the week, and I didn't even enter into the drawings... nor was I planning to until I updated it to 1.10.2

Submitted by TortousGER on Sun, 02/05/2017 - 17:31

I love the mod :D Congrats for mod of the week!

Submitted by OLegMod on Mon, 02/06/2017 - 12:35

Logic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hodge podge 1 in minecraft 1.8.9! Hodge podge 2 in minecraft 1.7.10!


3 things:
1- Mcreator update 1.7.2 was for 1.7.10
2- Hodge-podge Iis in 1.8.9 AND 1.7.10
3- If I can ever get it to work, Hodge-podge II will also be in 1.10.2

Awesome a new update. Hopefully this will be in the pack

Submitted by OLegMod on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 18:12

Please appreciate my mod: https://mcreator.pylo.co/modification/35250/zombiem-alpha-1