Published by AG7Moding on Fri, 05/28/2021 - 15:28
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds or will be adding new dimensions, biomes, mobs, blocks, ores, armors, tools, and other things to the already great game of Minecraft. The main things I will be adding are new blocks, mobs creatures and hostile, ores, armors, tools, biomes, dimensions, and a few other things here and there plants, potions, weapons, and others.

Credits go to -
Art: Me
Models: Me
Textures: Me
Development: Me
Code: Me
Elements: Me
Ideas: Me
Oh yea, did I mention they all go to me ):

If someone is interested in helping me with this mod go to my youtube channel at subscribe and leave a comment saying on what you would like to help me with. Someone who is good with animation could definitely be accepted!


Modification files
BetterSurvival V 0.1.jar - The First Version Of The Mod! Enjoy! :)425.94 KB
BetterSurvival V 0.2.jar - V 0.2 of the mod!628.29 KB

V 0.1
Emerald Armor
Titanium - Armor, Ore, Tools
Achievements - TitanMiner, Titan
Ruby - Armor, Ore, Tools
Decay - Wood stuff, biomes
Shadow  - Wood stuff, biome
Ghost  - Wood stuff, biome
Demon  - Wood stuff, biome
Spirit World Dimension; Biomes - Shadow, Ghost, Decay
                                                                                                                            V 0.2
Added mobs to all biomes!
A few other smaller things too.

No official release date for version 0.3 because it is a bug fix...