Opposition: light and shadow

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I feel a shiver down my spine ... something terrible is approaching


a war between light and darkness is approaching, choose a side, take your weapon, put on your armor and prepare for war.

danger lies in the dark a real challenge for the brave



- not enough torches, the void is an extremely dark place, the torches will be extremely necessary.
- not enough gold, if you want to enjoy the peace of heaven you should keep all the gold you have as it will be extremely necessary.
- use the JEI or NEI, they can help you with the recipes.
- before entering the void remember to raise your level to the maximum, because there is an extremely dangerous place.
- inside the void, don't drink or touch the water, doing this will cost you your life.
- the portal to the void must be made using the corrupted brick and activated using the cursed crystal.
- the portal to heaven must be made using the golden brick and activating using the blessed crystal.
- heaven is a calm and peaceful place to live, and mining, there's nothing to worry about.

 -set of diamonds will not do, in the void the weak have no place.






released for use in modpacks, just leave the credits



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