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๐ŸŒ Platanitos is a remake of the original mod created by TeddiGamer in 2016.

In this new version you will be able to get new food, encounter many wild plants in new and exciting biomes and even fight against new hostile mobs!

Now dieting will be more fun than ever!




๐ŸŒ Platanitos brings to Minecraft new foods to be obtained through crops, tree drops or even villager trades.


Players will have to discover a vast world full of wild plants and new resources to exploit and use in their adventures in dangerous and exciting biomes.





๐ŸŒ In Platanitos you can find:

  • New foods, plants and crops.
  • New structures and biomes.
  • New blocks and storages.
  • New weapons and tools.
  • New enchantments.
  • New materials.
  • New mobs.

And much more!




๐ŸŒ TeddiGamer is the creator of this crazy mod.

Being a video editor and also an image editor, he now also enters the vast world of mods.

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Disclaimer: Some of the textures are from image banks and Minecraft texture pages. In case the owner of any texture doesn't want it to be used, I will have no problem to change it. Sorry for the inconvenience, this mod is made for fun and I'm not looking for economic remuneration or to become famous.

Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

Modification files
platanitos-1.8.0-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/16/2024 - 13:36   File size: 8.78 MB
platanitos-1.7.0-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/14/2024 - 09:23   File size: 8.81 MB
platanitos-1.6.0-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/09/2024 - 18:35   File size: 8.77 MB
platanitos-1.5.0-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/06/2024 - 22:09   File size: 8.35 MB
platanitos-1.4.2-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/05/2024 - 11:16   File size: 8.31 MB

Platanitos v1.0.0:

- New foods, plants and crops.
- New structures and biomes.
- New blocks and storages.
- New weapons and tools.
- New enchantments.
- New materials.
- New mobs.

Platanitos v1.1.0:

- New variation for the sack: Egg Sack. 
- New texture for the box.
- Rice plant now can be in sand.
- New texture for Pineapple Plant.
- New texture for Cabbages and Dragon Fruits.
- Vanilla Veins now can't be in Ash Dirt/Grass.
- New trades and use of emeralds in some Wandering Trader trades.
- Better AI for the Moorry.


Platanitos v1.2.0:

- Many new textures for food and items. 
- Now the plants drops his own seeds.
- Some new flowers now can be used in Flower Pots.
- New block for decoration: Hay/Rice Straw.
- New block for decoration and storage: Cookie Jar.
- Better Bounding Box for some blocks.
- Rework to the Pineapples with new crops similar to Platanitos.
- Advancements updated.
- Rework to the loot of gunpowder block and carpet.
- New particles of Moths, Butterflies and Fireflies spawns in plants/lightning in specific biomes.


Platanitos v1.2.1:

- New recipes for Hollow Logs.
- Now the new crops give advancements.
- Decreased the spawn of the Maple Forest.
- The food projectiles are more faster.
- New recipe for Toxic Champignon duplication.


Platanitos v1.3.0:

- The Mythibloom has a new texture and now you can place it in the ground and walls.
- New block of Toxic Champignon.
- The Torch Lamp now has a recipe.


Platanitos v1.3.1:

- New textures for some things.
- The Toxic Champignon Block provides poison.


Platanitos v1.4.0:

- New sack types.


Platanitos v1.4.1:

- Scrub now drops 1 seed.
- Fixed up Pineapple Plants bug that converts to Platanitos Plants.
- Blueberries appears less.
- Cacti appears less.
- Fixed up the Pumpkin seeds and Pie recipes.
- Florn appears more in the nether.
- Fixed up the Bone Meal recipes.
- Now the Flint Dagger damages when break a plant.
- Now you can obtain cheese in creative using a cauldron.
- Now you can craft a Platanito Peel eating a Peeled Platanito.
- Fixed up the Mythibloom creative pickup.
- The Mythibloom now works in lava too.
- Fixed up the Delphinum and Carved White Pumpkin names.
- Now you can "drink" the Jellyfish in a Bottle.
- New texture for the Amethyst Shard.
- The Cooper Fishing Rod is now the Iron Fishing Rod, with a new recipe.


Platanitos v1.4.2:

- Longer duration to eat the Tea Leafs
- Rice Plant appears less.
- Maple Forest appears less.


Platanitos v1.5.0:

- Now the Platanito Plant dies after obtain the fruit and you need Platanito Seeds to relive.
- New recipe for Platanito Peel with Peeled Platanitos and Peeled Platanito with Platanitos.
- New item: The Robust Paper.
- New juices obtainable with Moomon and Moorry.
- New food: Packaged Milk obtainable in the Milk Cauldron with Robust Paper.
- New textures for some items.
- The Death Platnito Plant now spawns in the Sparse Jungle biome.
- Fixed up the Bottle of Jellyfish.
- Fixed up some advancements.


Platanitos v1.6.0:

- New loot table for fishing and piglins.
- New advancements.
- New items: Hook and Empty Smithing Table.
- New piece of armor: Dive Helmet, obtainable with Turtle Upgrade.
- New musical items: Infernal Conch and Sea Conch.
- New mob: The Jellyfish.


Platanitos v1.7.0:

- Cats now gift you little thigh.
- New food: Kiwi, dropped by the Azalea Leaves.
- Now the Bad Apple is dropped by Dark Oak Leaves.
- Now you can't eat always the Raw Nopal
- Fixed some Sack Recipes and Advancements.
- New mod compatibilities to the compost and fuel.


Platanitos v1.8.0:

- New Bucket of Jellyfish.
- Revamped the Electrified Effect with new damage type.
- The Scub Helmet is now better.
- New food: Doner and Flatbread.
- Fixed the Creative Inventory.
- Now you can't use the Sack decorative types to insert objects.
- Updated recipes and advancements.

Pretty cool and that's comin from a guy who made a food mod w/ 170 more foods!