Can't create a GUI in MCreator 2019.5

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Issue description

I had issues originally when I imported one of my workspaces to the MCreator 2019.5 version with my GUIs and I couldn't figure out how to fix it so I wound up deleting everything in relation to them. Now when I find myself wanting to re-add them I get this weird thing that happens that acts like I didn't click the save mod element button when I have. Unable to do anything else afterwards I simply close the mod element tab and it says the GUI mod element is in my workspace but when I goto compile or load test environment it comes up with an error about the GUI, and asks me to regenerate the code, when i tell it to go ahead it comes back with unable to import GUI mod element and asks me to skip importing it so i says yes and it removes the mod element completely. So essentially I'm unable to create GUIs in the current or I assume current version of MCreator 2019.5 as I don't see this having been fixed or addressed in the changelog. I originally ran it without internet in offline mode and then more recently with internet in online mode and still same issue. I've also ran it connected to a block and not connected to a block and still same issue.

Any help is much appreciated.

It should be noted I hadn't tried it without input slots before, but now I have, that one seems to work.

Issue comments

yeah i can still make a gui without slots, but never a gui with slots, i tried creating one without and saving it which worked but then i tried editing it to have it seeing if i could trick it into working so to speak, but soon as it was gui with slots, same issue, cant save mod element and everything else, only difference is it eventually ends with it switching itself back to a gui without slots.

This is quite strange. Does this happen in all workspaces or only in one specific workspace?

I'm going to double check, but I think it happens in all my workspaces. I currently only have 4 though that I'm working on, but planned on making a 5th today to check it as well. (checking a newly created workspace i mean, though originally the one I know I've had the issue with is my newest created workspace.)

Same issue in my Unique Food Stalks workspace. and my 2 other workspaces. Im about to try making a new one but far as i can tell the issue is i cant save the gui mod element, reason i say this is because i tried to edit the ghost mod element that shows up in the workspace when i hit save mod element and stays there when i exit its tab and it said that:

This mod does not have saved instance. If you want to make it editable, you need to remake it. You probably see this  because you have updated MCreator and your mod was made before saving was possible.

And the other reason i think this is cause when im dealing with errors and regenerating code in the console it says that one message i mentioned about missing a mod definition, so i dont know if im somehow missing the mod files to build a gui with slots or not. Going to try to create a new workspace and see what happens now, but if you have any more suggestions theyd be much  appreciated. I'd hate to have to go back to using MCreator 1.9.1, cause 2019.5 had the procedures i needed for directions, but I didnt have this issue with making inventory or crafting table type guis until i started using 2019.5.

Well I dont know what to say but creating an entirely new workspace seems to have done the trick, i was able to create an input slot inventory gui and it build code just fine, no errors and i was even able to save the mod element, so I think i got it now, but only issue being i got to start from scratch on 3 or 4 workspaces.


This is rather strange, usually

Build & run -> Reload gradle project and then Build & run -> Regenerate workspace

should do the job done.

yeah i think it might have been a directory issue. Where i dont have internet at home currently i have to put it on a flashdrive to use it at the library and where i cant import a workspace in offline mode i cant import them to my computer where i dont have internet so when i tried to run the workpaces where it worked at home it failed again. The strangest thing to me is i can make all the normal mod elements offline but not inventory guis with a input slot or output slot if they werent created on my laptop while im connected to internet. Which like i said i dont have internet at home currently so the library is all i have right now for internet, so i have to run it on my flashdrive. The reason i cant run it with internet on my laptop at the library is because my laptop cant find their wifi network for some reason. But im going to try creating a new workspace again but this time running it from my flashdrive at home, but i dont think it will work cause the directory is different. My laptop reads my flashdrive as a G drive and the computer at the library reads it as the D drive. I'll let you know if it works, but I'm thinking til i get internet again I won't be able to work on my mod or at the very least i wont be able to create inventory guis when im at home. So ill have to wait til i can create a blank workspace on my laptop with internet or work on it at the library on the library computer

If drive letters switch, you should export your workspace to shareable ZIP and import it back once drive letters change so MCreator can redefine all the paths.

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