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Just like the title. I did search a lot about this. However, some said it's fixed, some said there're a procedure to get displayed name of entities, but the thing is that procedure block didnt get the player name :((

So is this added but I'm wrong at somepoint or is it not possible yet for Mcreator?

<Actually I made one ticket already but it's not approved so I made a new one>

Issue comments

Why did you make another ticket??

Please read the website rules and tracker rules again, carefully. Thanks.

I am working on it. Single human (me) is programming, maintaining the website, and answering tickets (all for free). I took 3 days off due to a trip with friends and am now back trying to answer all tickets that were opened in between.

Yeah, I figured it out when no ticket is aproved for 3 days and suddely come today lol. Sorry for being a little annoying. And thank you for everthing you've done.

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