GUI: control text overflow

Published by Sancho on Mon, 08/24/2020 - 03:21
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Issue description

This feature should allow the player to define a rectangle when placing textboxes in a GUI.

Also, when a new textbox is placed there should be an option to define what to do with the text that overflows from the rect. for example: In line or below.

This feature would allow more reusable GUIs, since you can easily store big texts and display them using the same GUI.

Currently, the text just overflows to the right and I have a procedure to split the text given an amount of characters per line and several textboxes, one per line, to have a proper format when displaying long texts in UIs but it's not very sustainable, it only works for an specific UI whit an specific number of lines.

Issue comments

Unfortunatelly MC only supports single-line textfields atm and implementing custom text-box like element with all cases that come with it is something out of scope of MCreator at the moment.

Even all vanilla widgets are not supported at time of writing, when I get time, I will slowly add these first, then we can talk about elements like this ;)

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