Questions or bugs?

Published by KreatorB on Tue, 11/06/2018 - 21:51
Works as designed
Issue description

I have a 2 part question, 
the first is why is that I when I enable that the block can provide power and set its tick rate, does the redstone connect but nothing happens?

When you have a chest like item and un-check drop items when block is destroyed, does that mean it will keep it in its inventory and if not is this an option that can be considered for the future?

Issue comments

If you destroy the block, there is nowhere for items to be stored so this can't be implemented. Each block carries own set of items and when it is removed, the items are removed too.

Regarding the first question, enabling that block can provide the power only makes redstone connect with it. To make actual power, you need to use the procedures.