Ranged item problem - constantly wooden arrow ricochet sound

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Issue description

About Ranged Item.

There is little issue, that can be annoying.
Always, when projectile hit on block or any mob, there hear hitting sound of wooden arrow. Always, regardless of kind of weapon and chosen sound of shooting.
There doesn't seen problem if ranged weapon is bow, crossbow or any other weapon that shoot arrowlike projectile. But if weapon is any firearm or - for example - a laser weapon, there problem can be stange, even annoying.

Even when I make custom ricoshet with "when bullet hit on block" procedure, then still "wooden arrow" can be hear besides this custom sound.

There be good if this uncontrolled sound of hitting arrow will be remowed. There always can define sound of projectilies ricochet with procedures at all.

Issue comments

I will fix this bug in 1.9.1. I am closing this ticket now. To still play the sound, one can now use procedures to achieve this.

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