Buggy Autocomplete? Settings mistake or real bug?

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Buggy Autocomplete? Settings mistake or real bug?

Hey there,


I used MCreator 2023.2 for some time and recently swapped to 2023.3, as I want to work on MC 1.20.1.

So far so good, but the code editor does something strange to me: it autocompletes very oddly.


I have the variable "_timeOfToxic", and after typing only "_ti" it autocompletes directly to the full variable.

I wanted to add more to a function name from "toxicLevelChange()" to "toxicLevelChangeCalc()", but at every letter it creates "()" afterwards, resulting in "toxicLevelChangeC()alc()".


This weird behavior does not happen with java/forge/Minecraft like "entity. getCapability" or "BlockPos. containing", there it behaves normal (for what I can tell).

Changing the code editors autocomplete setting has no effect on the above described behavior.

Does someone know what my mistake could be?