[HELP & SUGGESTION] Java Keyframe Animations from 1.19+

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[HELP & SUGGESTION] Java Keyframe Animations from 1.19+
Sat, 10/07/2023 - 16:07 (edited)

So I recently Found out about "Keyframe" based animations without external libs.

This was added to minecraft from 1.19, it was used to make the animations for the frog and warden... (Hence the Smooothnes)


If this is added to Mcreator there'd no longer be a need for Geckolib and its plugins

(Especially for Entities)


Blockbench does have a plugin for converting geckolib anims to JAVA.

I found this really useful video for animating with Java Keyframes by Turty Wurty.

It seems simple enough,

But I'd still like to see this get added to mcreator in the future


Also I'd really appreciate ANY help, Since I just Recently discovered this.

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