Proposal for Procedures to Retrieve and Apply Block Textures in MCreator

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Proposal for Procedures to Retrieve and Apply Block Textures in MCreator

Greetings MCreator Enthusiasts!

I trust everyone is doing well. Lately, as I delve into my modding projects using MCreator, I've been contemplating a feature that could significantly augment the creative potential of our procedures.

Here's the idea: What if we could have procedures that retrieve the texture of a specific block and another procedure to apply that texture to another block? This concept could open up a world of possibilities for creating dynamic and visually engaging mods.

Having a procedure to fetch the texture of a block would allow us to programmatically access and manipulate textures, paving the way for innovative designs and functionalities. On the flip side, a procedure to apply textures would empower us to dynamically change the appearance of blocks during gameplay.

Imagine the endless customization possibilities, from animated textures to responsive environmental changes based on in-game events. This could take modding in MCreator to a whole new level!

I'm eager to hear your thoughts on this proposal. Does the idea of having procedures for texture retrieval and application resonate with your modding vision? Your insights and suggestions are invaluable, and together, we may spark the interest of MCreator developers to explore this exciting avenue.

Thank you in advance for your input and contributions to this discussion!

Best regards,