Improved Generation Settings

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Improved Generation Settings

I feel as if generating your custom blocks in the world of Minecraft feels a little bit limited. Here I list a few ideas on how to improve generation.

Secondary Stone Generation Type - A setting you could toggle (that would disable most other generation settings, besides essentials such as the depth and dimensions they will generate in) to make your block generate in a similar fashion to andesite, granite, diorite, blackstone, and tuff.

Rarity to Depth Ratio - Set a Percentage for how many more veins of your ore will generate the deeper you go.

Rarity to Depth Rate - Set a Percentage for how fast the Rarity to Depth Ratio will accelerate with Depth.

Exposed Rule - The ability to toggle the new rule written for diamond ore - less ores will spawn in the vein if it is exposed to air.

Exposed Rate - Toggle a percentage of how about how many blocks of ore should be excluded if the Exposed rule is on.

Deepslate Variant - Directly enter the Deepslate Variant of your block here so you don't have to configure your generation settings twice.

Thank you for reading my suggestions, these settings would be amazing for more customizability.