Resource packs built-into a mod won't show-up in game

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Resource packs built-into a mod won't show-up in game
Sun, 12/17/2023 - 22:22 (edited)

I'm trying to make a modpack with optional resource packs that the user can't delete, but there aren't any mods i can find that can do that. The closest one I found is Paxi, which is a global resource/datapack mod. Then I remembered that you can put resource packs inside of a mod in a folder called resourcepacks in the same location as the assets folder, so I created an MCreator project to try that out... only for it to not work at all. The logs doesn't say that the resource pack "[resource pack name]" contains an invalid pack.mcmeta file or something along those lines. Plus, when I put them inside of the resourcepacks folder of the Minecraft instance, it works. I have NO IDEA how to accomplish this. I tried to look at the source code of Create's fabric port only to find no reference to anything related to resource packs.

To replicate this:

  1. Create a Fabric mod (with the 3rd-party Fabric generator extension)
  2. Wait for the workspace to finish being generated
  3. Create a folder called resourcepacks at src/main/resources (relative to the workspace folder)
  4. Copy an un-zipped version of a resource pack of your choice into the folder you just created (and rename the resource pack's folder so that it has only lowercase letters and underscores!)
  5. Start the Minecraft instance that MCreator has created for you by clicking on the green triangle in the top-right corner of the MCreator window
  6. Navigate into the in-game resource packs menu

(edited to make certain steps clearer)

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