2023.4 Workspace Crash Error

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2023.4 Workspace Crash Error

Just updated my workspace to 2023.4 from 2023.3 and now I cant open any worlds. When I try to start a new world, it just says "Saving..." and then crashes the game. When I try to open an old world, it prompts to "Safe Mode" and even then I can't open the world. Not sure what happened in the transition, but really afraid to lose any progress on my mod. Not sure how to send any files on this site, I'm pretty new, but I can try to send the error log and workspace.

Here's the Google Drive link to error log; https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ldqBCGDDnGuYxE7v29hf189IKe69eV5u/view?usp=sharing

Looking forward for any troubleshooting or possible solutions