Have mob drop cooked version of food when on fire

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Have mob drop cooked version of food when on fire
Sun, 12/24/2023 - 17:48 (edited)

For context I'm porting a mod called Useful Flesh. I couldn't reach the mod dev so I decided to it shot (ALL CREDITS TO HIM) on porting it, I was thinking Java 1.12 but I noticed that I can do 1.20.1 instead so I'm working on that version.

I began to struggle though on getting the zombie to drop Zombie jerky if it dies from being on fire instead of it dropping its rotten flesh. Although I did get started a little ways but it won't drop the zombie jerky at all. I saw other people have similar struggles but those posts were about a year ago so if I could ask, might I get an update on this?





I'm still new to forum posting so please let me know if I missed anything, thanks!

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