[SOLVED] Using tick.json for functions

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[SOLVED] Using tick.json for functions
Mon, 01/08/2024 - 16:27 (edited)

I have a function in my addon that I want to run every tick. A quick Internet search reveals the rather simple way to do this: create a file called "tick.json" in the function folder of the addon and list your function in there. This works just fine.


Except for the fact that MCreator will delete tick.json every time it updates the addon, because it didn't make the file.


Is there a way I could get MCreator not to do this, or to add tick.json into the behavior pack using MCreator?


Found a solution. While there was exactly zero info on using tick.json in MCreator, I found a tutorial for putting fonts into a mod. This led me to find the src folder.


Essentially, if you want to add tick.json or any custom files/folders to your mod/datapack/addon/what have you, go to the "workspace" button at the top of the MCreator screen to access the workspace file. Then go into "src" and add all the stuff you want. MCreator will not touch it (I think).

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