Layering Item textures dynamically

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Layering Item textures dynamically

After so long... I'm finally asking, I've looked far and wide, does ANYONE know how to do this.
Even if I have to edit and lock the code, I alr have 14 thousand textures for JUST the pickaxe. The total STARTING textures when I'm done with the mod would be at least 230k. and I don't want my mod to be 2gb just from textures lol.

Can anyone give me any sort of solution, doesn't matter how hard as long as I can do it in mcreator 2023.4, 1.20.1 forge. Mostly because all of my mod is in it already and I don't want to restart in eclipse :skull: + some other stuff like github bla bla bla.

Any help would be AMAZING. tyvm