Minecart following another minecart like a train

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Minecart following another minecart like a train
Wed, 02/14/2024 - 09:23 (edited)

I am working on a minecart coupling mod and i am new to MC Creator, and i want to make a coupler which when used will make a minecart follow another minecart like a train. I already have the coupler item but it does nothing for now. So how can i do it so that a furnace minecart would pull any minecarts behind itself and will not break on turns or slopes? (like in the traincarts plugin) and also i want to make that inactive powered rails will stop a furnace minecart (for making stations)

Also it should be that when coupling it would type the status text and then wait for the player to click on another minecart for the minecart to follow (kinda like cammies minecart tweaks but for forge)


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