How to run fillbiome command on generation

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How to run fillbiome command on generation
Wed, 02/14/2024 - 02:49 (edited)

I've been trying to get my custom dimension to generate a different biome in the entire cave area underneath the surface biome, using the fillbiome command. I've attempted to create a feature that generates at the bottom of the world on every chunk corner, and then runs the command to fill the biome for the whole chunk up to Y=40. The feature itself generates as intended, but the command never runs - it would seem commands do not work at all in this scenario, whether I attempt to run it as an additional generation condition for the feature or even as a placement condition for a separate block that generates instead.

I've tested to make sure the command works when executed manually ingame, and other procedure blocks work when executed as additional placement/generation, including replacing blocks. The only way I can get it to work is if it runs as a random tick for a temporary generated block, but it takes too long to fill in and that's just not ideal for me. Does anyone have a workaround or possibly a different solution to get underground biomes working like this?

The command I'm running is: fillbiome ~ -63 ~ ~16 40 ~16 archite:subterranean

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