Render blocks or structures on gui/overlay

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Render blocks or structures on gui/overlay


so the other day I saw discovered the 'Create' mod and was absolutely delighted by the way it displays how to use or place blocks. It seems to show an overlay with a render or tiny animation of the blocks and how they are placed. I personally don't need it to be animated (im aware mcreator isnt good for going beyond its provided functionality and the animations seem to be really laggy and not smooth). Aslong as there is a way to render blocks or block models or structures that would be amazing. If that isnt possible then just a way to atleast scale images would be nice. Ive tried to artificially add block images that are like a 3d view but the image shows up huge and not scalable. If i make a 16x16 image it will loose its smoothness like in the create mod tho.


If none of this is possible id still be happy if you have any other ideas to implement this :) (can the font be changed?)