Concern over the Future of MCreator (problems of 1.21.x and questions to the developers)

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Concern over the Future of MCreator (problems of 1.21.x and questions to the developers)

Hello, MCreator Teamand potentially some peeps from the community who decided to check this forum !

I'm asking this from the love for MCreator and its community, I don't want any individuals seeing this as something negative. I am not a Java programmer, I am having these concerns from my personal experiences with software, managing it and keeping up with updates, although it wasn't anything near to scale of this.


It's a miracle that MCreator was created, and the fact that it still gets yearly updates is mad, considering the relatively low budget and that Minecraft, as an engine went through many big and small technical changes, like entity model changes in 1.17, terrain gen overhauls, yet still, support for the App humanity totally didn't deserve but got was still being made.

As going from the title, I want to know if MCreator will continue updating to 1.21 and onward. I see that there were initially plans to end support for MCreator waay back in 2020 and for solid reasons; might seem a bit early to ask, since only snapshots and pre-releases have been released for 1.20.5 , not even 1.21; and that's exactly what concerns me, because there has already piled up a ton of technical changes and overhauls to the engine, most notibly, removal of NBT variables and updating to Java 21, not to mention all the other 650kg of changes, like changes to Containers, ect that are not necessarily dargon-sized, but nonetheless could be bad(for development of MCreator) due to the sheer amount; Minecraft became a different game(technically). Agnes Larrson has stated that many new programmers were hired to the Java Team, so the possibility of even more engine changes down the road in the full releases of 1.21.x is real.

 In my opinion, if i'm being right about the listed and potentially upcoming difficulties in MCreators porting cycle, overall I would be absoluteley fine with MCreator skipping 1.20.5 and put the budget and time in to porting to 1.21.x versions later, with the new content for modders to build upon, including all the 1.20.5 features like Armadillos and Wolf variants.
Obviously I am not here to decide and would love to hear comments on this.

Thanks in return :)

We do plan to update to 1.21…
Sun, 04/14/2024 - 14:13

We do plan to update to 1.21. How long it will take? That depends on the amount of community support and effort :)