Change Vanilla Entity Textures

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Change Vanilla Entity Textures

I have seen how it is possible to change the textures of vanilla mobs by having an entity texture of the same name in the mod's textures, but I wonder, it it possible to decide whent he texture changes?

What I mean is, say I had a snow-covered texture for the Wolf, is there a way I'd be able to give the Wolf the new texture if certain conditions are met, (for example, if its in a snowy biome), instead of it always having the new texture?


I want this to work:

With little to no custom code, (1-2 lines or so, not like 5 whole paragraphs)

Without an external resource pack/mod, (GeckoLib would be okay)

Without creating a new mob and having them switch (cause then the modded Wolf wouldn't work with Wolf Armor or any other mods that do stuff with the Wolf)


Is this even possible? If so, how would I do it, and if not, what could I do instead?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!