Listing Skills in order they unlocked

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Listing Skills in order they unlocked
Fri, 04/19/2024 - 08:22 (edited)

I am making a system that manages a players stats and skills

i am currently making a skill page that i want to show what skills the player unlocked and i want them to be liosted in the order they unlocked them in. i currently have two skills a swordsmen skill and a cooking skill for example if i unlocked the cookiong skill then ill only see the cooking skill and how far along it is to the next level and its level at the top of the gui .

 but my friends unlocked the swordsmenship skill and it is at the top of the list aswell.

my other friend unlocked both but unlocked the cooking skill first and that is at the top and the swordmenship is bleow that.

another friend has unlocked the swordmenship first and that is att he top and the cooking skill is below it.



Any idea on how i can do this? I plan on adding more skills and features. maybe even adding a feature that aloows modpacks and servers make their own skills.

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