How to apply custom/specific paintings through an item

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How to apply custom/specific paintings through an item

I want to make a brush that place specific paintings.


Firstly, I make a block with the GUI below. The user will enter an ID (assuming it is y) and put an amount of paintings (assuming as x). When user clicked on draw, it will give the player an custom item called brush (that i made before).


The brush will have the same durability as the amount of the paintings. Also the paintings on the slot will be removed.

 Below is my procedure for the GUI:

(painting_input is the name of the text input on the GUI)

So I want to check if the ID user entered is right or not. If it right, then assign values to the brush.

For example:

If the painting_input is 1 (means y= 1)

then give the user a brush with x duration and has ability to place a painting on a block with [ fighters] id, and when user successfuly place a painting by right-clicking on faced block, the duration of the brush will be reduced by 1.


I think the command of placing painting will be "/summon x y z minecraft:painting {Id...}"


Any helps are appreciated