[IDEA] Noise Texture Procedure Blocks

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[IDEA] Noise Texture Procedure Blocks

Hey, so, I wanted to ask if anybody here would find it interesting if there was a plugin that implemented noise texture based procedure blocks? Specifically two kinds.

The first would be a procedure block that gets the current noise value of things like erosion, humidity, or continentalness of a biome at XYZ. Useful for more specific feature placement, and other shenanigans.

The second would be something different, one or multiple noise texture procedure blocks with input and output. There could be three, one for 1D Perlin noise, a second one for 2D, and a third for 3D, and a fourth for 4D. The 4D noise procedure block could look a bit like this:

Get Perlin noise level at W:[] X:[] Y:[] Z:[] with seed[] offset[] scale[] detail[]

"Detail[]" would essentially refer to the amount of octaves of Perlin noise.

What would then also be useful is a procedure block that returns the world's seed, so that that one could be used as a seed for the Perlin noise. Of course, you could use your own seed. What's interesting to note here is the W axis. Since this is a fourth axis, it's sort of like a morphing amount. Similar to a seed, but changing this value will make the noise deform, which could be useful for randomly animating things using procedures.

And lastly, if possible, other noise types could be added as well, like voronoi, simplex, and so on, which could be selected on the procedure block via a dropdown, and that changes the inputs depending on what's available and needed.


I hope anybody finds this idea interesting as well, since I think it has the potential to improve a lot of mods.