Problem with Downloading for MAC

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Problem with Downloading for MAC

Hi, I'm not new to Minecraft but I am new to coding,lol!

I've used other programs to learn java and the coding but it's a bit too much for my 1.5lb brain when all I want to do is create stuff.

The MAC version of MCreator makes it seems to be the solution… only if I can download the MAC version(and not the Windows version).

I've been up and down the website and all it says is "Windows Version" of MCreator. Everytime I think I've downloaded the MAC version, i find the ".EXE" file in the folder(and i've even tried to change it to ".JAR" ,LOL)

I first wanted to use the MCreator for 1.7.10 of Minecraft but it seems to be the something for everything. Is there any way around this issue?