My requests :D

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My requests :D

Ok, so I have a few requests, here they are :


1) Mod elements sorting : By that I mean that every type of mod element will have it's own section when there's at least one of the specific mod element.

2) Procedure element : Make new element about when player enters the world for the first time, it will activate something. I know it's possible through code, but I would really like to see       it as a "button" thingie (D:) in Procedure.

3) Edit input slot in GUIs : When you place input slot, it will pop-up a editing menu with color, stack-up limit, and procedure thing. But when you place it, you are no longer able to edit it           again. For example, when you create a GUI, then create a procedure to idk, set custom variable to 2, you have to make the procedure, then delete the input slot after presicely placing       it in the right spot. If that won't be done, then I'm for the snap-to-grid tool, but I already saw it somewhere here.


      Here you go, hope you make something out of it :)