More Procedures Event Triggers And Blocks

Started by DutchAT on Sat, 12/22/2018 - 16:32

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More Procedures Event Triggers And Blocks
Sun, 12/23/2018 - 14:40 (edited)



Procedures are one of the most useful thing in MCreator. Working without them makes your project less cool and profesional.

Actually, there are a lot of event triggers added in MCreator, but i think there are more useful and powerful events out there. It would be cool to have this events:

  • Player equip helmet
  • Player equip chestplate
  • Player equip leggins
  • Player equip boots
  • Player equip armor --- (It triggers when a player equip Helmet || Chestplate || Leggins || Boots)
  • Player eats
  • Player obtains archievement
  • Player gets hurt
  • Player dies
  • Player jumps
  • Player sneek (shift)
  • Player throws an egg
  • Player throws an enderpearl
  • Player throws a snowball
  • Player throws a potion
  • Player uses a fishing rod
  • Player uses a bow
  • Player uses a sword
  • Player uses a shovel
  • Player uses an axe
  • Player uses a pickaxe
  • Player's helmet gets destroyed
  • Player's chestplate gets destroyed
  • Player's leggins gets destroyed
  • Player's boots gets destroyed
  • Player breed an animal
  • Player kill an entity
  • Player hurt an entity
  • Player's gamemode change




I would love to see more blocks in the Procedures. For example: 


  • (World management) Set gamerule [gamerule] to [ true | false ]
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • (Player management) Get item in the helmet's slot
  • (Player management) Get item in the chestplate's slot
  • (Player management) Get item in the leggins' slot
  • (Player management) Get item in the bootst' slot
  • (Player management) Get game mode of player ( creative || survival || adventure || spectator)
  • (Player management) Is player in survival mode
  • (Player management) Is player in adventure mode
  • (Player management) Is player in spectator mode
  • (Player management) Get the amount of  [ item ] in player's inventory
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • (Item modifications) Is [ item ] a tool
  • (Item modifications) Is [ item ] an armor piece
  • (Item modifications) Get the actual durability of [ item ] if it has durability
  • (Item modifications) Get the max durability of [ item ] if it has durability
  • (Item modifications) Add enchantment [ id of ench ] to [ item ]
  • (Item modifications) Remove enchantment [ id of ench ] to [ item ]
  • (Item modifications) Change [ item ]'s durability to [ number ] if it has durability
  • (Item modifications) Set [ item ]'s display name to [ text ]
  • (Item modifications) Set [ item ]'s display name to default name
  • (Item modifications) Set [ item ]'s description to [ text ]
  • (Item modifications) Remove [ item ]'s description
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Also, it would be cool to be able to store in variables items and entities.


That is all. There is a lot more examples that can be so useful, but here is some of them.


P.S.: Sorry for my english, I am from Spain :d



Edited by DutchAT on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 14:40
Many of these are planned…
Tue, 12/25/2018 - 14:23

Many of these are planned for future updates, so stay tuned!