Element Expansion

Started by _-A-_ on Wed, 05/29/2019 - 08:38

Topic category: Feature requests and ideas for MCreator

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Element Expansion
Wed, 05/29/2019 - 08:38


 - Custom Animations

         - Ambient Animation

         - Walking Animation

         - Attack Animation

 - Flying Mobs and Rideable Flying Mobs

 - Multiple skins for mobs such as different colored animal mobs

 - Allow custom models for baby mobs

 - Shoulder mobs like the parrot *silly request*


 - Custom Modeled Armor

 - Animated Armor


 - UI Change; burn times for common Minecraft fuels

 - Burn Speed?


 - Different growth stages

 - Change growth rates

 - Custom plant models

 - Bonemeal-able?


 - Give an item an inventory for storing *backpack feature*

Ranged item

 - Charge up animations

 - Changeable bullet particles


 - Multiple tree schematics for one biome

 - Change stone option

 - Optimization for vines/fruit not displaying properly


 - UI Changes; hardness, resistance, harvest level, and luminosity references

 - Make inventory for blocks accessible to players

 - Slab/Stair Functionality


 - Shared resources across multiple workspaces

 - .JSON optimization; blocks that are too big, and or are too complicated won't render. This also applies to tools/items

New Features

 - Vehicles! You could have the choice between boat, minecart, or ridable entity.

 - Effects! A certain effect that could be given custom icon, particle color, and of course effects.

 - Animations! Not necessarily creating them in MCreator but putting them in the workspace to be used in procedures.


I know a lot of these could be done by coding, but that could be the case with everything. The point of MCreator was to allow creative minds to make their creations come to life without the hassle of learning a whole coding language. I believe a lot of the features/fixes mentioned above could be beneficial to the artists out there that want their creation to be more alive. I really enjoy making mods and using MCreator. All I want is to see this program grow even bigger and better. Thank you for reading!

P.S. For MCreator 2 I think a simplistic white and blue would look better than gray and green :p


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- Slab/Stair Functionality …
Fri, 07/12/2019 - 01:38

- Slab/Stair Functionality



also, same for fences/walls/glasspanes and doors/trapdoors,fencegates

PLEASE, PLEASE add these