well i use the old version

Started by HEroBrinEkill1 on Sun, 10/20/2019 - 19:20

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well i use the old version
Sun, 10/20/2019 - 19:20

ok so i am using an old version of mcreator 1.8.3 want the 1.9.1 is too hard to understand how stone looks like i can not good drawing so yeah it seems that won't get me even if ask about the modder want i think this is a mistake in the dev of the software if can not see good what is stone or other blocks look like it need more dev into it how i know in fact that lot of people have hard under the version of mcreator 1.8.3 and still be not get for other people so there need more add so that everything understand  like this point of my big letters 


*resource texture block and texture item more fixing on it what the name is and what it has to be in the developing*

*how to draw items and other tools in the way that you can*

*More ways to use the procedure even if you don't know how there will be a guide to help in the options that you can choose and make sure if you find a mistake that fixed for you*

*more tutorials that you can understand in any kind of way that means more basic more instruction and more in planning and if you don't know how to make up tutorial you can more details giving and giving more options*

*understand every language that you can do even if you have problems and you don't know how to type it or do it right which are grammar you still have to learn with your friends or other ways that are how you can learn the way of other materials*

*spelling rights if you have problems with other language and want to be in English or other language and you cannot do it right it will also make that spelling right so that it's automatic*

*give guidance to help after the procedure if you don't know how to do it with the procedure start of the basics procedure*

*give guidance to help if you do something wrong in the code or procedure*