End customization - Mountains? - smaller islands?

Started by Yusufhum3 on Sat, 03/14/2020 - 08:50

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End customization - Mountains? - smaller islands?
Wed, 04/22/2020 - 11:17 (edited)

I made an endtype Dimension with 3 layers Grass,dirt,stone working allright but the end looks kinda boring because when you enter the portal you very likely spawn in the air and theres only 1 Island around 0,0,0 and the rest is 1000 blocks away. Also the Islands are almost exactly the same size and are flat. I tried altering some numbers with locked code but didnt find anything.

So my Questions are:


1. Can you move the end Islands Closer to 0,0,0 so theres not only 1 single Island at spawn?

2. Can you make the Islands look more like the Aether so that they have some hills mountains and not flat?

3. Can you make the Islands more frequent and with some size Variation like in Aether?

4. Does someone know the Code for the skydimension in Beta 1.7 so that I can Change the vanilla dirt,stone block with my custom ones?

5. I have 2 biomes but I want 1 biome to be smaller like maybe 50x50 area so that it doesnt cover multiple large Islands, not rarer smaller how do you do that?

6. The 2 Biomes have different skycolor and when I move between them the skycolor changes instantly and theres no Transition how can you make it smoother?

7. I have a custom tallgrass plant but I want it to only spawn in 1 biome or on 1 block because I have 1 grassblock for each biome

8. Is there a way to generate the buffet Floating Island type and then Change the biome to be your custom one?

9. How can you stop lavalakes from generating?


Thx for help

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